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  • Plastic Bags Suffocating the World

    Plastic bags are suffocating the world. It’s a pretty graphic description. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth to it. put together this infographic illustrating the problem. More

  • Webinar: Kicking the Plastic Bag Habit

    Chances are, if you’re a regular reader here you bring your own, reusable grocery bags to the store, but when it comes to reducing the plastic bags in your life, that’s just the tip of the sustainability iceberg. Remember Heather’s challenges when she took part in Plastic Free February? More

  • The Real Cost of Flying

    What is the real cost of flying? Between the plastic baggies, plastic travel size bottles of sundries, and bottled water (more plastic, which often ends up in the oceans and on our beaches), how much is this costing us as individuals? More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #2

    Welcome to (or welcome back to) the Green Business Blog Carnival, your weekly wrap-up of some of the most compelling content published on sustainable business. We’re proud to be co-sponsoring this traveling series of news, insight, and inspiration with our friends at Triplepundit (who got us started with the first edition of the carnival). Next […] More

  • One Woman Battles the Bag… and Wins! (PPB #17)

    Our friends at Eco-Libris have their guest post up, and it combines the themes of eco-heroes and plastic bags that we’ve already seen. After making a documentary on “about the devastating effect of plastic bags on marine life in Hawaii,” Rebecca Hoskings decided to do something about them in her little English village of Modbury. […] More

  • The Long, Long Life of a Plastic Bag (PPB #15)

    According to Becky Stiepe’s guest post at Glue & Glitter, each of us uses about 330 plastic shopping bags a year. All together, that means we go through 90 billion of ’em… and, as the video she found shows, these things live on long after they’ve served their purpose. More

  • Atlantic Ocean’s Plastic Patch Rivals Pacific Garbage Gyre

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch located in the North Pacific Gyre is well known; however, scientists have recently discovered the Atlantic Ocean is also littered with plastic debris.  After twenty years of study, it is surprising that no one has talked much about marine litter in the Atlantic until now.   Much of the plastic […] More

  • netherlands

    7 Environmental Lessons from Living in Europe

    I have lived in Europe on two occasions now — for five months in the Netherlands (two years ago) and for ten months in Poland (currently). I have been green-minded since I was a young child, and knew that Europe did better on many green issues. Nonetheless, to come here and live here has given […] More

  • Recycling Plastic Bags… Because Sometimes You Forget the Reusable Ones

    Got a collection of reusable shopping bags? Same here… but I’ll freely admit that sometimes I forget them, or decide to stop to pick things up when I don’t have them with me. You’re probably in the same boat: despite your best efforts to reduce your use of plastic shopping bags, you’ve still got a […] More

  • Reusable Grocery Bag Usage Triples in Past Year at Whole Foods Market

    A recent study by Whole Foods Market estimates that reusable bag usage has increased by 300% in the year since it eliminated plastic bags at all of its stores.  The company estimated that 150 million bags have been kept out of landfills over the twelve month period. Whole Foods Market made the announcement last year […] More

  • Help Schlumpy Get 1 Billion Plastic Bags Off of the Street

    [youtube=] Schlumpy? Huh? Schlumpy’s an 8-foot plastic bag ball touring the country to build awareness of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags Americans use each year. That’s right… billion! Want to help Schlumpy out on his crusade? More