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  • Paper Recycling: All the Facts [Video]

    Paper recycling isn’t just a greenie feel-good practice: it has significant environmental and economic impacts, according to this video from ISRI. More

  • Pepsi In Paper Bottles?

    PepsiCo recently filed a patent for a new paper bottle. Will it launch a packaging revolution or just a new waste stream?  According to, PepsiCo filed a patent for a new paper bottle with the World Intellectual Property Organization for a  process for making bottles from paper fibers, although an internal plastic liner would still be […] More

  • Ten Ways to Conserve Water and Paper

    Water and forests are among the most precious natural resources on the planet. Unfortunately, they are consumed at an increasingly fast pace. Learning to reduce our consumption is crucial to the preservation of these vital resources. Here are a few simple tips to help you save on water and paper daily. More

  • What's the Return on Investment (ROI) for Sustainability?

    As the cost of unsustainable products like plastic, oil, gas, and coal continue to rise, projects with positive environmental effects are now having better and better ROIs… and that’s true for both large corporations as well as sustainable investments you make in your home and lifestyle. More

  • 5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Cut Flowers

    Want to celebrate a friend’s or family member’s accomplishment, or say “I love you” to that special someone? While cut flowers are the gift of choice in these situations, there are alternatives that don’t involve damaging or killing plants. Here are five options. More

  • We Can Reforest the Earth

    Protecting the 10 billion acres of remaining forests on earth and replanting many of those already lost are both essential for restoring the earth’s health. More

  • How I Created a (Nearly) Paperless Office

    I’ve found that nothing weighs more than paper — at least when you are tired and at the end of your day, and the boss wants you to recycle that double stack of reports or used white paper. Why create all of that in the first place? If you go as paperless as you can, […] More

  • Should the Phone Book be an Opt-In Service?

    How many times a year do you leave your house to find a thousand-plus book of names and numbers waiting for you on your stoop or drive? This has become an undeniably wasteful practice. It’s bad enough that direct (“junk”) mail is still a widely used method of advertising firms and corporate entities. The general […] More

  • Student Activists Fight Paper Waste: Use the Backside

    Two-sided printing is slowly becoming standard practice in many business and non-profit settings… why recycled a sheet of paper before you’re used it completely? That idea often doesn’t translate, though, when we’re writing by hand or drawing. Students at Atlanta-based design school The Creative Circus saw an awful lot of paper being wasted in the […] More

  • Can Recycled Paper for Magazines Ever Compete on Costs? Yes…

    Much has made about environmental impact of switching from paper books to electronic reading devices: a recent lifecycle assessment by environmental journalist Daniel Goleman shows that you have to read an awful lot of books to neutralize the environmental impact of producing and shipping that iPad or Kindle. Goleman’s advice: go the library. But what […] More

  • sustainablog Approved: Way Basics' Recycled Paper Furnishings

    Editor’s note: sustainablog Approved is an occasional series of posts profiling vendors in our Green Choices product comparison engine, and the stories behind their products and green business practices. Looking for reasonably-priced shelving and storage for your home? If you make your way to the local big box store, you’re going to find a lot […] More

  • Earth Policy Institute: Protecting and Restoring Forests

    By Lester R. Brown Protecting the earth’s nearly 4 billion hectares of remaining forests and replanting those already lost are both essential for restoring the earth’s health, an important foundation for the new economy. Reducing rainfall runoff and the associated flooding and soil erosion, recycling rainfall inland, and restoring aquifer recharge depend on simultaneously reducing […] More

  • Monoculture Tree Plantations Negatively Impact Women's Lives

    In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women, the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) and Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) have released three new case studies and a video on the impacts of monoculture tree plantations on women in Nigeria, Papua New […] More

  • Zumbox: A Viable Paper Mail Killer?

    [social_buttons]What are the environmental costs of “snail mail?” That’s easy, right: paper-based mail has a massive footprint when one takes into account the harvesting of trees, the production of paper, and the disposal of much of what we receive in our mail boxes. What’s the answer?  Electronic mail… right? Well… maybe. If you have someone’s […] More

  • Paper Matters

    Paper appears to be high on the agenda of a number of organizations this week. It’s necessary. Paper is so ubiquitous – from tissues to toilet paper to memo pads to catalogs to the mess on your desk – that it is easy to forget, or perhaps more convenient to ignore, that paper manufacturing has […] More

  • Want to Green Your Addiction to Books? Buy Ebooks

    OK, I admit it: I’m a book whore (hardly a shocking confession for a former English professor). I’m most vulnerable to impulse buying in a book store. When a publishing PR rep contacts me about a book for review, I jump on it like an addict desperate for that next fix. But, of course, I […] More

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