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  • France’s Zero Waste Grocery Store Chain: Meet Day by Day

    Zero waste grocery stores are popping up in France. Day By Day, a company whose mission is to make food shopping more environmentally responsible, has just opened its 4th zero waste market in Lille. The others are located in Versailles, Meudon-la-Forêt and Fontenay-le-Fleury. More

  • 6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

    Food packaging is an often unsung part of our food waste problem, but these grocery stores are trying to change that by changing the way we shop for food. More

  • Pepsi In Paper Bottles?

    PepsiCo recently filed a patent for a new paper bottle. Will it launch a packaging revolution or just a new waste stream?  According to, PepsiCo filed a patent for a new paper bottle with the World Intellectual Property Organization for a  process for making bottles from paper fibers, although an internal plastic liner would still be […] More

  • Trader Joe’s: Yea or Nay?

    What do you think about Trader Joe’s? Does your town have one? Do you shop there? I’d love to hear your experiences! More

  • Masi Agricola Vineyard Goes Green

    The Boscaini family have been the owners of the Masi Agricola Vineyards in one of Italy’s best wine regions, Valpolicella, for six generations. Sandro Boscaini, the company president, along with his children and brothers run Masi Agricola and the newest generation of owners are fully committed to integrating environmentally friendly initiatives into their winemaking practices. […] More

  • Sustainable Wine Review: Beyond Organic

    For many folks, the first thing they think of when talking about sustainability and wine is organic grapes. While this is a very logical place to start, sustainability in the wine industry encompasses so much more. More

  • Dairy-based Plastics

    Food packaging is perhaps one of the biggest drains on resources in our society.  We use petroleum to make it, use it once, possibly recycle it, but it has a pretty good chance of ending up in the North Pacific Garbage Patch or a landfill. Researchers are investigating a new dairy-based “plastic” that could revolutionize […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #2

    Welcome to (or welcome back to) the Green Business Blog Carnival, your weekly wrap-up of some of the most compelling content published on sustainable business. We’re proud to be co-sponsoring this traveling series of news, insight, and inspiration with our friends at Triplepundit (who got us started with the first edition of the carnival). Next […] More

  • Online Shopping: How Green is It?

    The Online Shopping Survey conducted by GfK in 2008 showed that about 70 % of people think shopping online is good for the environment as it helps to reduce the carbon footprint. But is it really that simple? Too many variables come in to play: when you live, how much you buy, who delivers the […] More

  • Greener Bottled Water? Really?

    Still have bottled water as a regular item on the grocery list? Or just pick up the occasional bottle when you’re out? It’s so convenient… As you probably know, that convenience comes at an environmental and social price: documentaries such as FLOW and Thirst, organizations such as the Sierra Club and Environmental Defense Fund, and […] More

  • Bubbla Air-Inflated Packaging: A Safer, Greener Way to Ship

    Foam peanuts are the Devil. Evil incarnate. Darkness made visible. Senseless brutal waste embodied in a horde of impish, malevolent, noxious, toxic minions spilling out of boxes, bags, closets, basements, attics, trashcans, landfills. A wicked wind is blowing, and those infernal foam peanuts are riding it across the land, across the sea, across the Earth. […] More

  • Boxed Wine Trends Up With Eco-Friendly Packaging

    I’ve had a few run-ins with boxed wine in my day, mostly in college, and they’re experiences I’d care not to revisit.  But when I visited a local wine shop that focuses on budget-friendly wines, and saw French Rabbit’s eco-friendly claims, I had to check it out.  My thoughts, after the jump… More

  • Will You Soap My Back? The Impact of Your Shower

    Simran Sethi and Sarah Smarsh are writing a series on the impacts of everyday things. They will be posting previews on the Green Options Media blog network before launching the posts on Huffington Post. Here’s a sneak peek at what happens in the shower. The magical cleaning agent in your bar of hygiene is likely […] More

  • Recycling Misconceptions, Part Deux: "Sure, I Recycle Paper."

    In my last post, Recycling Misconceptions part 1, I touched on the uncertainties of recycling, plastics in particular, that I think perplex many of us. Well last week I attended a Green Renter lecture here in NYC and found out some more interesting things about recycling that I didn’t know. The evening’s lecturer, Samantha MacBride […] More

  • How Many Trees Went into Your Beauty Products?

    Huh? Jeff really must be working too hard… right? Well, I probably am, but the question is legitimate, according to Southern forest sustainability organization the Dogwood Alliance. While many of us greenies are focused on the environmental impact of roses, chocolate and even adult products on Valentine’s Day, Dogwood raised questions about the amount of […] More