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  • Highlight the Positives When Trying to Influence Healthy Eating Choices

    “If you want people to choose healthier foods, emphasize the positive.” – Cornell University Study Cornell University recently published research in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics indicating that healthy eating education and policies are most effective when framed in positive terms. In other words, “dos” work better than “don’ts.” The researchers — David R. Just, […] More

  • 5 Best Foods to Prevent Wrinkles

    Food alone can’t prevent wrinkles, but a diet rich in certain nutrients can help your skin bounce back from sun- and age-related damage. These five foods are high in wrinkle-preventing vitamins and minerals. More

  • How To Read Nutrition Facts Labels & Ingredient Lists

      Bonnie J. M. Swoger, a Science and Technology Librarian at New York, SUNY Geneseo, has written a great blog post on the Scientific American site titled But the Cheetos bag said they were healthy! Evaluating diet and food information sources. Swoger’s basic premise is that we are bombarded with nutritional and health ‘information’ from […] More

  • Top News from the Food Front: New Food Documentary, New Food System Foolishness

    Vermont boldly goes where no state has gone before, and food industry moguls mobilize to resist transparency. The USDA gets something right, surprising local food enthusiasts everywhere; and Katie Couric’s new documentary cheeses off the food industry’s obesity profiteers. Meanwhile industrial ag causes problems for bees, food eaters, and the whole planet actually. What else is new in the world of food? Glad you asked! More

  • Top News from the Food Front: Vegetarian ‘Controversy,’ Food Industry Chicanery

    Ag-gag, organic standards, and GMO labeling debates rage through this week’s food news cycle. Meanwhile Tyson recalls contaminated chicken nuggets (mmm, plastic!), and the media erupts with glee over an Australian study they say indicts vegetarianism: does it really? Don’t miss the drama — find the week’s hottest food news here! More

  • 5 Reasons I’d Still Be Vegan If I Were a Dude

    As the vegan movement grows, statistics say it resonates most strongly with women — at least so far. Of the 2.5 million or so Americans who identify themselves as part of Team Vegan, about 79% are female. Society sends some screwy messages about ‘acceptable’ gender-based behavior; in this case, those messages may be doing men a disservice. Vegan eating isn’t ‘a girl thing’ — especially if you’re a fellow who values strength, health, environmentalism, and sex! More

  • Is Sugar Killing You?

    A recent study found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. A recent study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk death from cardiovascular disease. The new study is significant because previous studies have linked higher intake of added sugar […] More

  • Google Makes Nutrition Data Comparison a Cinch

    Is there anything Google can’t or won’t do? I know. That’s a silly question. So, what if you want to know the nutrition data comparison, say, between kale and beef? Just go to Google and type it in: “compare kale beef.” Or “kale vs. beef.” More

  • High Protein Diet Risky as Smoking, Study Finds

    Calling all Atkins, Paleo, and standard American diet eaters — listen up! ‘More animal protein’ does not mean ‘more health and happiness.’ According to a study published Tuesday in Cell Metabolism, people who consume lots of animal protein in their middle years should instead expect it to mean ‘more cancer, diabetes, and premature mortality.’ More

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