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  • Google Makes Nutrition Data Comparison a Cinch

    Is there anything Google can’t or won’t do? I know. That’s a silly question. So, what if you want to know the nutrition data comparison, say, between kale and beef? Just go to Google and type it in: “compare kale beef.” Or “kale vs. beef.” More

  • Mickey D’s Glamorizes Quarter Pounders With Photoshop

    This time, the McDonald’s controversy is not for food poisoning or health standards (thankfully?), but for putting the va-va-voom in Mickey D’s infamous Quarter Pounder. NPR wrote about a video portrays a team of McDonald’s marketing specialists gearing up for a photo shoot – with airbrushing ready to go for the celebrity model. More

  • Portion Control: A Behavioral Psychologist’s Perspective

    We know we should eat reasonably-sized portions, so why don’t we? Matt Wallaert, a scientist and behavioral psychologist who studies why we make the food choices we do, shared some valuable tidbits recently when he was interviewed by NPR’s Renee Montagne. More

  • Fewer Grocery Stores Means Higher Obesity Rates in L.A.

    Los Angeles is well known for it’s great eats, but not all areas are so lucky. In parts of south and east L.A., many neighborhoods lack access to fresh, healthy food. There areas, called food deserts, have obesity rates three to five times higher than the rest of L.A. Southern California’s local NPR affiliate, KPCC, […] More

  • Give Me Your Vote, and I'll Give You Clean, Abundant Energy…

    Sound familiar?Β  Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the past couple of months, you’ve heard variations on this statement from both Barack Obama and John McCain… countless times. High gas and utility prices have collided with a stagnant economy,Β  and energy issues (and the environmental issues accompanying them) have come to […] More

  • Will High Gas Prices Kill Suburban Sprawl?

    When the award-winning film The End of Suburbia was released in 2004, it was considered by some to be an amusing but exaggerated view of what Peak Oil will do to the suburban way of life. As gas prices approach $5/gallon, it doesn’t seem quite so shocking. As a passionate enemy of suburban sprawl, I […] More