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  • Good Restaurants Join the Fight to End AIDS

    Between now and June 10th, you can help fight to end AIDS by patronizing the good restaurants, bars, and food trucks that have joined the EAT (RED), DRINK (RED), SAVE LIVES campaign. More

  • Sungevity Solar $20K Non-Profit Grant – Apply Now

      Do you know a worthy non-profit with a strong grass-roots following? Sungevity Solar may have $20,000 for them through a new non-profit grant contest. Sungevity Solar is kicking off their first “giving contest” this holiday season. Any non-profit organization can apply to compete for a $20,000 grant. Organizations need to write 140 characters on how they […] More

  • New St. Louis Non-Profit Does Electric Car Conversion for Clunkers

    If you use your car mainly for commuting or driving around town (which is most of us), an electric car may seem like a viable option… in most cases, “range anxiety” isn’t going to kick in for that kind of travel. But if you look at the prices on EVs, that viability may disappear: the […] More

  • Recycled Hotel Soap: a Lifesaver for Children in the Developing World

    I was on the road for several days earlier this month, and used bars of soap in the hotels in which I stayed. Of course, I didn’t use the whole bars… and left the remainder for the housekeeping staff. I assume that soap ended up in the trash. Seem like a huge sustainability challenge? I […] More

  • Oakland's Planting Justice: Transforming Urban Life through Permaculture

    [youtube][/youtube] Planting Justice is a nonprofit based in Oakland, CA that offers a unique model for urban transformation. It brings together designing and implementing Permaculture projects with door-to-door community organizing and education in a way that creates a synergy between each of them. Its mission is to grow food, grow jobs and grow community. Today, […] More

  • Edible Schoolyard – A Non-Profit Group Teaching Gardening to Urban School Kids

    With all the news surrounding food safety, global pollution, misguided government food policies, and the myriad of other problems faced by consumers, it’s always comforting to occasionally read some good news.  Here’s a bit of uplifting news.  An organization, Edible Schoolyard, bringing gardening knowledge to junior high school kids in urban areas. The program strives […] More

  • Five Green Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

    This post was originally published at on Monday, December 15, 2008. The winter holidays are almost upon us, and whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the holiday(s) of another tradition, you may still be stumped for gifts to give this year… especially gifts that fit your own (and the recipients’) values. For the […] More