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  • Slow Gifts For Your Drinker – All Under $40

    Last year I had a great time putting together a Slow Wine Gifts Under $40. But, this holiday season I’m shaking it up a bit. I’m still keeping things slow this year, but this year I’ve expanded to include a variety of handcrafted “slow” drink gifts – and still all under 40 clams. Here are […] More

  • Sustainable Local Food & Fun

    Listen, laugh & learn with the Green Divas (and Green Dude Scott) anytime – Podcast here! You are going to hear us talking a lot this year about “gettin’ local wherever you are.” It’s kind of our 2012 theme. We’ve always believed strongly in supporting our local communities, but we’ve also always had a very national and […] More

  • My Favorite Leftover Wine Recipe

    If you’re like me you are constantly ending up with leftover wine. Since I am loathe to pour my leftover wine down the drain, the bottles tend to accumulate. Here are some tips for using leftover wine and a fabulous recipe for Zinfandel Chicken Marbella. More

  • Drink Local Wine

    A team of wine folks from “other” states see the need to promote local wine (which I have written about before) and now there is a website badge to help. More

  • It’s Apple Picking Season!

    This is my favorite time of year. Who doesn’t love hot apple cider, pumpkin carving, Halloween decorations and of course, apple picking! More

  • 500-Mile Kitchen Project: Local Kitchen Cabinets

    The kitchen cabinetry industry is filled with domestic manufacturers and therefore finding local should never be a problem. I like knowing that my cabinets are made from eucalyptus veneer from Presidio Park in San Francisco and MDF core from Medford, OR. More

  • modern-farmhouse-truex-cullins-vermont

    Eating Fresh, Local Food Direct Through Community Supported Agriculture

    If you’re looking to eat amazingly fresh food, support local farmers, and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then consider investing in a farm share. Also known as Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA), farm sharing has become an increasingly common option for consumers to purchase food directly from a local farm. More

  • farmers market

    Too Many Farmers Markets?

    A recent piece in the New York Times talked to some farmer’s market organizers and farmers about a relatively new problem: too many farmers markets. More

  • Community Garden Tour: Edgewood Community Garden

    It seems like every neighborhood in Atlanta has a community garden these days, and since my running partner and I have been marathon training, I’ve been seeing more and more of them during our long, winding, weekend runs. I thought it might be fun to grab the camera and share some community garden goodness with you guys! More

  • Can Urban Farming Save the World?

    The Urban Farming Guys are conducting an urban agriculture experiment in Kansas City with a powerful mission. Check out the video about their project and some ideas on how you can get involved with them or in your own community! More

  • 500-Mile Kitchen Project: Appliances

    This is the third week of the 500-mile kitchen project in which I try to renovate a kitchen from materials and goods manufactured within 500-miles. More

  • 500-Mile Kitchen Project: Week 1

    Anything you can do to reduce transportation and the related emissions is good for the environment, good for society and good for the economy. More

  • ‘Local Food’ Labels Often Incorrect in England & Wales

    A local government watchdog group in the UK has found that approximately 1/5 of products labeled as ‘local’ in England and Wales are misleading consumers and aren’t actually locally produced. Some of the foods identified as not being ‘local’ included “Welsh lamb,” which actually came from New Zealand, “Somerset butter” which was from Scotland, not […] More

  • EcoFarm Tour 2011: Organic Cheese and Sheep Udders

    As part of the EcoFarm Conference last week, I had the opportunity to see several local organic farms. The tour was led by Amigo Cantisano, and it included visits to four nearby farms. Cantisano grew up in the region, and as our bus was driving to our various farm destinations, he regaled us with the […] More

  • mission-kitchen-green-tile-backsplash

    Eating Local in the Winter

    It may seem challenging enough in the warmer months of the year but when December comes around eating locally can seem closer impossible than anything else. Luckily there are some simple solutions to ensure great food all year around. More

  • Fruiti Pops Recall Due to Typhoid Outbreak

    A fruit pop company in the Southwest U.S. has recalled their mamey pops after a suspected link to a typhoid outbreak. The pops were sold in stores, vending machines, and ice cream trucks. More

  • Top Ten Pea Shoot Recipes (In Season Now!)

    Like most green leafy vegetables, pea shoots – the young tendrils and leaves of the garden pea plant – are incredibly nutrient-dense. You can start looking for them at farmers markets or Asian markets in the spring and early summer. Two cups of raw pea shoots have 10 calories, zero fat, 35.5% of your recommended […] More

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