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  • California’s Neighborhood Food Act is in Effect

    Want to turn your front yard into a radish garden? Or how about making that empty lot you own into a pumpkin patch? If you live in California, the recently passed Neighborhood Food Act says you can grow as much food on your property as you want, without penalty. Think that’s no big deal? Turns […] More

  • Top News from the Food Front: New Food Documentary, New Food System Foolishness

    Vermont boldly goes where no state has gone before, and food industry moguls mobilize to resist transparency. The USDA gets something right, surprising local food enthusiasts everywhere; and Katie Couric’s new documentary cheeses off the food industry’s obesity profiteers. Meanwhile industrial ag causes problems for bees, food eaters, and the whole planet actually. What else is new in the world of food? Glad you asked! More

  • Take Me Out to Locavore Night at the Ball Game?

    Heading out to a Major League baseball game this season? You may be pleasantly surprised at the food stands, especially if hotdogs and nachos aren’t your thing. Yep—the locavore foodie trend has hit the major leagues. More

  • 9 Food Trends that Make Us Happy

    There are lots of gross, unhealthy food trends out there, and it’s easy to get very gloom and doom about our food system. There are some silver linings though. Check out these awesome food trends! More

  • Deer Hunters Donate "Local Food" to the Hungry

    Though I’ve never been a hunter, and haven’t fished in decades, I’ve often thought (and occasionally said) that those of us in the environmental movement should reach out to sportsmen and women more than we do. While some of us take issue with the act of hunting, and still others of us just don’t want […] More

  • Top News from the Food Front: Sugary Cancer, Food Industry Cruelty, Non-GMO Win, and Norway’s Military Vegfest

    This week’s news will make you cry, make you sigh, and make you smile. Some of it may even help you avoid diabetes, cancer, and kidney failure! New health research indicts meat and soft drinks, but encourages healthy eaters to go nuts. Animal factories continually find new ways to turn the stomachs of anyone who glimpses their work — and then they file charges against those who dare to see (and record) it. USDA proposes new anti-poop policies targeting organic farmers; but announces new projects supporting local food in public schools. Hawaii knocks the GMO-regulation ball right out of the park! In other breaking news, I suddenly want to move to Norway. Read on, for all the week’s top food news! More

  • The Best of Local Foods at the State Fair of Texas

    The State Fair of Texas exists to showcase the best of what Texas has to offer. Sure, there’s the rides and the shows and the weird fried foods. The best part, for me, is trying the local foods at the State Fair of Texas. More

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