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  • Help Schlumpy Get 1 Billion Plastic Bags Off of the Street

    [youtube=] Schlumpy? Huh? Schlumpy’s an 8-foot plastic bag ball touring the country to build awareness of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags Americans use each year. That’s right… billion! Want to help Schlumpy out on his crusade? More

  • Plastic Bag Fees Stalling for Economics or Politics?

    The New York Times reports that various plastic bag-reduction initiatives around the country are stalling – or flatlining – due to economics. The plans in the works in places like Seattle, San Francisco and New York have included charges of 5 to 20 cents per plastic bag – and in some cases, paper bags – […] More

  • Earth: Our Sacred Trashcan

    Once upon a time, I came to a stop at the intersection of two country roads on the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia. Dutifully and lawfully stopped in my car, dutifully and lawfully looking both ways before turning, I happened to notice a scattering of plastic cigar tips on the pavement. At first I was perplexed: […] More