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  • Give LED Bulbs the Green Light (and Save Some Green!)

    LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are now poised to take the small business and residential lighting market by storm with their drastically-reduced up-front costs. Here are a few more facts you may want to consider when deciding whether the time is right for you to give LEDs the green light. More

  • Cheap Human-Powered Generator Brings Light to East Africa

    A few months ago, I took a look at the difference micro solar systems were making for people in the developing world: a small system that provides enough energy to charge a light and a cell phone can change these people’s standard of living immensely. As you might imagine, companies like Barefoot Power aren’t the […] More

  • Green Lighting: How to Cut Your Electric Bill & Carbon Emissions

    Change you light bulbs to CFLs… how many times have you heard that one? To be honest, I’m a little bored with it… I mean, doesn’t everyone already know that? My boredom’s probably a good sign, though… if those of us who follow these issues daily find tactics like changing bulbs “old hat,” then they’re […] More

  • How Many Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Does It Take to Close 705 Coal Plants?

    By Lester R. Brown The lighting sector is on the edge of a spectacular revolution, a shift from the century-old, inefficient incandescent light bulb to far more efficient technologies. Perhaps the quickest, most profitable way to reduce electricity use worldwide—thus cutting carbon emissions—is simply to change light bulbs. The Current Standard in Energy-Saving Light Bulbs: […] More

  • Five More Greenish Products You've Seen on TV

    Think back to the last direct-marketed product you saw on television. You probably remember the hyped-up pitch person, the “special offer” for buying now, the price that ends .95.  You may also remember thinking “Why would anyone want that?” Yes… most of the products marketed on television border on useless crap.  They’re symbols of conspicuous […] More