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  • The Kickstarter Food Deal You Don’t Want To Miss

    This is one Kickstarter food campaign that you don’t want to miss: Snack Bars…Made from Crickets. Yes, you read that right: Crickets as in made from edible insects. Hopper Bars, an Austin, Texas start-up, has come up with a line of nutritious, environmentally sustainable cricket protein bars.   Hopper Bars are made of all the […] More

  • The DIY Electric Bike: 1 Plan

    Want to build a DIY electric bike instead of buying one? Micah Toll is raising funds to create a hardcover version of his popular guide book. More

  • New Eco Toys Brand Aims for Less Plastic, More Durability & Made in the US

    I was thrilled to receive an email from Jim Barber, one of the co-founders of Luke’s Toy Factory in Danbury, Connecticut. A family-run operation, the team at Luke’s has focused not only on design, but also materials that meet their own high standards for safety, environmental responsibility, and durability. More

  • How to Keep a Leaking Toilet from Blowing Up Your Water Bill: Aqua Mizer

    Got a low-flush toilet in your home? Probably – they were introduced in the early ’90s, and later mandated for all new installations. So, you’re saving water when you’re flushing… but what if you’ve got a leaking toilet? Yeah, low-flush doesn’t make much of a difference there… and, collectively, the US loses over a trillion […] More

  • Another Home Aquaponics System for the Beginner: AquaSprouts

    Got a 10-gallon aquarium laying around in the basement or garage? The detritus of a failed attempt at adding tropical fish to the home decor? Austin, Texas college sophomore Jack Ikard found one in the back shed a year and a half ago, and decided to see if he couldn’t turn it into an indoor […] More

  • Vegetarian Victory: History of Vegetarianism Radio Project is a GO!

    Last month we told you about Ian McDonald’s grand vision: a popular history of vegetarianism through the ages, told through a free and easily accessible BBC-quality radio program. The only catch? Big plans need big funding. But in breaking news, this detail is no longer problematic: as of yesterday, crowd-funding for Vegetarianism: The Story So Far – A Radio History achieved success! So if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious — or just a fan of both history and food — watch this space. The world’s first comprehensive vegetarian history radio project is officially underway! More

  • Know Your Roots, Be the Change: Vegetarian History Project Launches!

    The Vegan Option’s Ian McDonald just launched a Kickstarter project to fund his most ambitious project yet: The Story So Far: Vegetarianism — A Radio History. I had a chance to interview Ian recently, and am now completely excited about this brand-new radio project! It offers a something the veg movement has never before had: a complete, accessible, and cohesive picture of our historical roots. Yes, please!

  • Vertex Camping Stove is Incredibly Compact (w/ video)

    For most of us, eating and cooking without electricity is a critical part of surviving and thriving off the grid- whether that’s by choice in a secluded cabin or in a survival situation. This new, ultra-compact camping stove concept from Vertex, then, could be a crucial addition to your bug out bag. When you see […] More

  • The Pedal Powered Generator Goes Open Source

    Building a simple pedal-powered generator isn’t that difficult – we got one (kind of like the one above) going on the fly nearly four years ago at the last blogathon up at Dancing Rabbit.  It didn’t really generate enough power reliably to help us, though – that takes a bit more engineering. If you want […] More

  • The Connector for DIY Tomato Cages

    Bob Van Epps is raising money through Kickstarter to bring his product to the market. Encintias resdient Bob Van Epps invented a device called the Tomato Triangle that is a molded plastic connector that when mated with off-the-shelf PVC irrigation… More

  • CO2 Sensors that Fit in Your Pocket: the Node+CO2

    Ever get a case of the yawns while sitting at your desk? Silly question – of course you do! Usually, we figure we need another cup of coffee. That jolt of caffeine might help… but opening a nearby window or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air might also wake you up: poor indoor […] More

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