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  • Recycling Fashion May Help Alleviate Poverty for the World’s Poorest Women

    Nicholas Kristof, journalist and New York Times columnist, shared the triumphant story of Jane Ngoiri, a 38-year-old Kenyan mother of three, who overcame homelessness and poverty by recycling discarded wedding gowns and dresses. She bought a dress for about $7 and used the fabric to make several children’s dresses. Jane’s business grew quickly, and she […] More

  • The Rocket Stove: Fueling Health and Opportunity in Kenya

    Wood-burning cook stoves may not be the sexiest pieces of technology, but they can be literal life savers in the developing world: the World Health Organization estimates that the pollution caused by indoor cooking over open fires kills 1.6 million people every year. They’re also economically and environmentally beneficial: because well-designed stoves burn wood more […] More

  • Stove Man: Cooking and Crying

    Part two of the Paradigm Project’s reality webseries Stove Man is online. In it, Greg and Austin try to cook over an open fire the traditional Kenyan way. More

  • Kenyans, African Biodiversity Network Push for Ban on GMO Food Imports

    There are so many concerns tied to GMO foods — health concerns from scientifically documented health risks, environmental concerns by the bushel, and economic returns (GMO companies are generally large and monopolistic and are not good for small farmers and communities). For all of these reasons, and maybe more, there is a strong groundswell of opposition to GMOs around the world, including in Kenya. Last week, the African Biodiversity Network released a statement on how it thinks the Kenyan government should be supporting its farmers and protecting its citizens. More

  • World Population Day: Sustainable Agriculture for a Planet of 7 Billion

    As the global population increases, so does the number of mouths to feed. The good news is that in addition to providing food, innovations in sustainable agriculture can provide a solution to many of the challenges that a growing population presents. Agriculture is emerging as a solution to mitigating climate change, reducing public health problems and costs, making cities more livable, and creating jobs in a stagnant global economy. More

  • stray dog

    What a Red Dawg Taught Me about Stray Animals and Sustainability

    If you’ve spent any time at my Facebook page, or are even a long-time sustainablog reader, you know I’m an animal lover. I’m also a supporter of animal adoption (both my dog, Zelda, and my wife’s horse, Trey, are adoptees), and even volunteer occasionally at the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. I haven’t written much about issues […] More