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    Greenwash Alert: Mott’s For Tots Immunity Support Fruit Punch

    Greenwash by beverage producers with products aimed at kids seems to becoming more common.  Last week, I wrote about how MINUTE MAID Fruit Punch recently added artificial sweetener to it ingredients. Last week the makers of Mott’s for Tots Immunity Support Fruit Punch were sued over allegedly false claims that the drink strengthens kids’ immune systems. According to […] More

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    Juicers 101

    Are you interested in drinking your daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Finding a good juicer can make or break your plans to introduce juice into your diet. As we’ve mentioned in this blog before, juicing will help your body feel rejuvenated, refreshed and will improve your health and energy level generally. Here is a primer on buying a juicer. More

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    POM (Not So) Wonderful Found Guilty of False Advertising

    As someone who writes about greenwash fairly regularly, I wasn’t surprised bySkinny Girl cocktail’s misleading “natural ingredients” label or Taco Bell’s “meat taco filling” being only 36% meat. But even I was a bit saddened to learn that POM Wonderful, the makers of the pomegranate juice in the iconic hourglass-shaped bottles, has been found guilty […] More

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    How healthy is that fruit drink?

    If you’re a regular reader here, chances are soda’s not your thing, and if you do enjoy a sodapop, moderation is the name of the game. But did you know that those fruit drinks on store shelves can actually contain more sugar than soda? More

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    What’s in Your Juice?

    Dr. Bob Sandor of Lab Analytical Balance used a moisture analyzer to determine the water content of 100% juice (not drinks) from various fruits and vegetables, and he’s kindly shared the results in a handy infographic that shows the water, sugar, and calorie contents of different juices. More

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    Apple Juice Arsenic Different Form than OTHER Arsenic

    A couple months ago, I wrote a story on arsenic in apple juice. This was the gist of it:

    While the EPA limits arsenic in our drinking water to 10 parts per billion, recent tests have found the amount of arsenic in apple juice (Mott’s Apple Juice, in particular) to be 55 parts per billion — 5.5 times more than what the EPA will let us drink! More

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    In Defense of Orange Juice

    (8/11 edits in italics below based on feedback from citrus industry scientists).  A recent blog post on a site called “Food Renegade” is apparently getting quite a bit of attention on the internet.  It was critical of not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice because it involves the use of flavor additives and because oxygen is removed from the […] More

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    What is in Orange Juice? Not What You Think

    Orange juice is just orange juice, right? That “100% juice, not made from concentrate,” Tropicana or Florida orange juice stuff, I mean. Well, no… I’ll give you a warning, though, if you love it and nothing’s going to make you stop drinking it anyway, you may not want to read on, ’cause this is gonna get nasty…. More

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    Food Choices: Take Control of the Way You Feel

    Lately, the stress at work has been really getting to me, and it was starting to affect my life and relationships outside of work with friends and family. I decided I had to clean up my act. I also knew my time was limited so I decided to start with an area I could have the most impact on quickly. I chose to focus on my food choices – we eat every day, so it must have some power over how I was feeling.

    It turns out that focusing on food choices was one of my most brilliant insights ever. More

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    Arsenic in Your Apple Juice? Probably..

    While the EPA limits arsenic in our drinking water to 10 parts per billion, recent tests* have found the amount of arsenic in apple juice (Mott’s Apple Juice, in particular) to be 5.5 parts per billion — 5.5 times more than what the EPA will let us drink! The FDA does not regulate arsenic in juice at all, unfortunately. However, as a result of this finding and recent research it has conducted on food imports in the U.S., Food & Water Watch is pushing the government agency to start doing so. More

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    Juicing for Health: 3 Vegetables to Boost Your Juice

    Some green juices are so healthy that they may seem to have magic healing powers. That magic is really science and just our body’s natural way of responding to the nutrients in these healthy veggies. Vegetable juices are even linked to disease prevention. Let’s take a look at three vegetables that are ripe for jucing and have dramatic health effects. More

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    The Freshness Factor: What do You Look For in Fruit Juice

    Editor’s Note: This post was provided by one of our sponsors, the juice manufacturer Odwalla. A glass of fruit juice can be the ultimate refresher and thirst quencher.  Fruit juices, like their whole counterparts, are high in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.  However, a juice’s freshness and processing can significantly affect its flavor and nutrient profile. […] More

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    Seven Tips for Greening Your Barbecue This Summer

    With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, millions of people will be firing up their grills to celebrate an American past time. Here are some quick tips to keeping your barbecue safe, waste-free, and fun! 1. What’s the greenest grilling option? Electric and propane grills are definitely better than charcoal. If that’s your only […] More