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  • Help Build the Best Green Jobs Site EVER

    Finding jobs that align with your ethics can be hard, especially in the world of food. What if there were a place where you could look for a green job a trust that you’d be making a difference? More

  • How Does Wind Power Work? Hands-On KidWind Challenge Trains Students in Renewable Energy

    I’ve been passionate about educational programs for sustainability from sustainablog’s earliest days, so I wasn’t surprised at all to discover that I’d written about Minneapolis-based educational company KidWind way back in 2006. Founded byΒ former science teacher Michael Arquin, KidWind has developed an impressive array of educational programming both for science educators wanting to introduce their […] More

  • Poop to Power: How to Extract Value from Poopy Water

    Between humans and livestock, we produce an awful lot of poop… and the methods we currently use to deal with all that mess use a lot of energy and clean water. Startup Pilus Energy thinks they have a solution for extracting value from all that messy stuff… More

  • The Online Game that Plants Real Seeds: Rainmaker Project

    The Rainmaker Project has something quite different in mind from the standard notion of an online game about planting seeds and crops: a global community committed to the sustainable exchange and planting of seeds… in the real world. It ain’t Farmville; rather, its more like Facebook itself, made up of people committed to expanded landscape of real, live plants, and ideas for cultivating those plants more sustainably. More

  • EcoRecho: the Clean Cook Stove for Haitians

    Can a clean cook stove use charcoal as its fuel source? I didn’t think so until I came across the EcoRecho, and the realities of cooking food in the most impoverished parts of Haiti. More

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Intentional Community

    Ever think about chucking it all, finding a group of like-minded people, and creating a community that aligns with the way you really want to live? Yeah, we’ve all considered that… and a few of us, here and there, have actually acted on the impulse. For many, the Fellowship for Intentional Community has served as the resource for learning more about such communities. More

  • sustainablog’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

    Putting off the holiday gift shopping? We hate the mall, too, but if you go at the last minute, here’s what you might end up with. Never fear, though: we’ve got good green gift suggestions that only require some time on the computer. More

  • Come Hang with sustainablog to Discuss Current Green Crowdfunding Projects

    On this week’s Hangin’ with sustainablog Hangout on Air at Google+, we’ll be discussing cool green crowdfunding projects… whether they’re ours, a friend or colleague’s, or just something we cam across and liked. Several creators of current projects will join us, as well as members of the Important Media team. More

  • How the Sharing Economy Can Save the World

    Why own when you can rent whatever you need, whenever you need it? The benefit of this approach is that each micro-transaction boosts the local economy, while the same goods are circulated again and again. This is called the sharing economy, and our friends at Triplepudit are planning to write a series on it… with your help. More

  • Building with Trash: Transfodesign's Trashkitchens Competition

    As a commenter here pointed out recently, the term “upcycling” has strayed from its industrial roots into the crafty DIY space… so you’re much more likely to see it applied to fashion, accessories, or other handmade items as opposed to products that come out of plants or factories. But it’s not just the Etsy set […] More

  • Caroline Savery: Still Searching for the Definition of Sustainability

    Last Fall, I wrote a post here, and another one at SUNfiltered, about an ambitious project by one of our former writers: Caroline Savery (she of the tent trauma) and her Sust Enable: The Metamentary project. She was fundraising, and I was trying to give her a hand with getting the word out. It […] More