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  • Hydroponics get a Little Automated Help

    Have you been interested in hydroponics but weren’t sure where to get started? Our friends at Sustainablog shared an awesome automated controller system to make hydroponic gardening a snap! Startup company Sustainable Microfarms developed this system to make hydroponics efficient and accessible to anyone who wants to give it a go. More

  • Organic Grow Box: Grow Food Anywhere! Even on Your Fire Escape.

    Using a nifty technique called sub-irrigation, the folks over at Inside Urban Green have been growing all sorts of things, including two tomato plants that yield a half-pint a day, in a Rubbermaid container, or grow box. They’re doing so while conserving water and taking up very little space. Anywhere there is sun, you too […] More

  • Off the Well-Trod Path: Alternate Routes to Victory Garden Triumph

    Guest contributor Pamela Price is the founder of Red, White & Grew, a blog devoted to β€œPromoting the Victory Garden Revival and other simple, earth-friendly endeavors as bipartisan, patriotic acts in an age of uncertainty.” As mentioned here last month, folks short on fertile land but eager to grow their own vegetables can opt for […] More