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  • Waste water injection well caused 12 earthquakes in Ohio

    It seems a day can’t go by without reading some new controversy regarding racking, or hydraulic fracturing as it is technically known. The EPA, already investigating claims of ground water contamination as a result of fracking, can now add to their list another side effect of fracking; earthquakes. More

  • Why Natural Gas Drilling Threatens Our Clean Water Future

    Natural gas gets a lot of press as being a clean energy solution, and in some ways that’s true. Natural gas vehicles, for example, emit far fewer emissions than traditional fossil fuel cars. The trouble with natural gas isn’t so much related to usage but to how we get that gas out of the ground in the first place. More

  • Fracking Chemicals & Transparency: Is FracFocus the Real Deal?

    Yep, I saw Gasland… so, like many of us, I’m pretty concerned about the growing use of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) to extract natural gas, and the health and environmental effects potentially caused by this technology. So I was encouraged when I saw a headline at Environmental Leader stating “24 Companies Agree to Publish Fracking […] More

  • Natural Gas Exploration Threatens Clean Water

    Natural gas gets a lot of buzz these days as a clean alternative to oil. Unfortunately, while it may be a clean-burning fuel, a popular new extraction method is causing horrible water pollution in areas near drill sites. Residents in areas near fracking sites have been able to set their tap water on fire. The […] More

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    EPA Finds 2-butoyethanol Solvent in Wells Near Natural Gas Extraction Sites

    U.S. government scientists found chemical contaminants in Pavillion, Wyoming drinking wells that were located near natural gas drilling sites- the first time this kind of finding has been recorded. The contaminants included 2-butoyethanol and are known to cause diseases including cancer, kidney failure, anemia and fertility problems. “The preponderance of … compounds in the area […] More