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  • Why Are the Bees Dying? – Insteading

    No only have the bees been dying in record numbers, but about the same time bees began to die in unusual ways. Beekeepers were going to a hive and find the queen, a few workers, good amounts of brood (baby bees), and plenty of honey – just no adult bees. So where had they gone and what was causing them to leave? More

  • Save the Bees: The Importance of Honeybees and What You Can Do

    We rely on pollinators like honey bees for much of our food supply. Honeybees alone pollinate around 30% of the food we eat. You hear a lot about the growing world population and food shortages on the horizon. While things might look dire, they will be much, much worse if we don’t act now to save the bees. More

  • Why I Decided To Keep Honeybees

    Honeybees are in danger and need our help. In the last few years, populations have decreased in half, due to diesease and the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which has resulted in beekeepers losing 30-90% of their hives for completely unknown reasons. But one of the things we can do to help honeybees is to […] More

  • Honeybee Rescue! What You Can Do To Help

    In keeping with Honey Week here at Eat.Drink.Better, I started looking at the various ways individuals can help combat Colony Collapse Syndrome. One major impediment to the endeavor is that scientists aren’t really sure what’s causing the disappearance of honeybees. Theories range from viruses to environmental and agricultural causes. What we do know is that […] More