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  • Six Smart Home Technologies For Safer, Greener Seniors

    Smart home technology often seems like something out of The Jetsons – but it’s a fast growing industry, with equipment that can control all elements of daily living. Modern seniors are looking to age in place and reduce their environmental impact. Let’s explore the smart home technologies that make aging in place easier – and greener – […] More

  • New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

    Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off. According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, […] More

  • Save Money on Your Heating with these Easy Home Projects

    No time left to think about cold-weather energy efficiency projects: it’s time to get them done if you want to cut your heating costs. As in most years, doing nothing will cost you more: the U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting residential electricity prices in the U.S. to rise 2.2% compared to the Winter of 2012-13. More

  • The Wireless HVAC: Going Mobile Can Increase Efficiency

    When we don’t hesitate to head across the street to save a few pennies per gallon on gas, why would we play roulette with our monthly energy bill? Nowadays, the capability is there to know exactly what you’re consuming and spending on electricity at any given moment, instead of simply waiting on the meter checker to come by and send you a bill. More

  • What is a Heat Pump?

    Heat pumps provide efficient, reliable methods of heating homes and buildings. Because they use much lower amounts of fossil fuels, they also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions. More

  • The Ductless Heat Pump: an Efficient Heating (and Cooling) Solution

    UPDATE (2/3/12): NEEA has wrapped up their Going Ductless campaign, and drawn a name for the cash prize. Ross Daniel of Seattle will no doubt have a good weekend, as he’s the winner of the $10,000 grand prize. He’s also a big fan of ductless heating systems, which we describe in more detail below… […] More

  • How to Install a Solar Air Heater

    Solar air heaters are extremely environmentally friendly and they will greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and energy bills. They require little or no maintenance and they will last for years. Solar air heaters heat air in an “air collector.” The system absorbs and collects solar radiation and transfers the solar heat to a storage […] More