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  • New Study Shows Red Wine Is Good For Your Heart

    It is known that moderate consumption of red wine has a blood pressure lowering effect and, therefore, can decrease cardiovascular risk. But, is it the alcohol or the polyphenols that are the cause? A new study slated to be published later this week in Circulation Research and conducted by doctors at Hospital Clinic Villarroel in Barcelona, Spain set […] More

  • Is BPA Contributing to Childhood Obesity?

    The short answer is that it looks that way. Animal studies from as early as last year have linked BPA to obesity, and a new human study from the NYU School of Medicine found yet another strong correlation between BPA and childhood obesity. More

  • How Safe Will The New Diet Pepsi Be?

    The Wall Street Journal reported today that PepsiCo is testing new artificial sweetener formulas for Diet Pepsi, including the controversial acesulfame. More

  • What the What is Carnism?

    Carnism is a system of victimization that exploits non-vegans and vegans alike, and pits us against one another. We believe that non-vegans and vegans must unite in order to transform the system. CAAN is a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness of and transforming carnism, the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals. More

  • Healthy Kids: Teach Our Next Generation About Organic Foods

    This month, PBS KIDS® and Whole Foods Market® announced a campaign and set of online resources dedicated to helping families learn to explore organic foods: Fantastic Organic. The Fantastic Organic web site hosts healthy recipes, videos, and information resources. Want to learn how to read an organic food label or find a local farmers market? Looking […] More

  • Children’s Book Review: Allergies, and Awesome You!

    Allergies are one of the most common afflictions of Americans today, especially in children. “My allergies are acting crazy today!” “Here, have one of my [insert allergy drug here].” As an ex-child with asthma and allergies, now a fully-fledged adult with the sniffles and wheezes, I was drawn to review Dr. Atul N. Shah’s book for kids, Allergies, and Awesome You! More

  • Healthy Diets Linked to Higher Childhood IQ

    We knew it instinctively, but now there’s proof.

    New research suggests that children who consume a healthy diet during childhood may have higher IQ scores than kids eating unhealthy diets of ‘junk food.’ More

  • Can your diet cause you to overeat?

    Why is it that we tend to eat foods like french fries and cookies until our belts pop, but that doesn’t happen with carrot sticks and apples? More

  • Mickey D’s Glamorizes Quarter Pounders With Photoshop

    This time, the McDonald’s controversy is not for food poisoning or health standards (thankfully?), but for putting the va-va-voom in Mickey D’s infamous Quarter Pounder. NPR wrote about a video portrays a team of McDonald’s marketing specialists gearing up for a photo shoot – with airbrushing ready to go for the celebrity model. More

  • Fish Pedicures: Experts Warn of Potential Health Risks

    Fish pedicures grew in popularity in the United States in 2008, but new findings about possible health and environmental effects are giving state and local governments reasons to take another look at the unusual spa treatment. More

  • KIND Nuts & Spices: Healthy AND Tasty

    The folks at KIND HEALTHY SNACKS have done it again with KIND Nuts & Spices, a line of whole nut bars with only 5g or less of sugar. They are also all-natural (as in truly nothing artificial, not just the ubiquitous “all-natural” label), non-GMO and gluten free.  I recently received a box of samples and I’m […] More

  • Giveaway: PLANEAT Documentary, Real Food for the World

    PLANEAT is a documentary making the food awareness circuit that discusses the global impact of the food we eat on a personal, environmental and economical level. Upon first receiving the PLANEAT DVD for review, I was a tad bit skeptical. There are so many food-based films out there — exposé-type documentaries like Forks Over Knives and Fat, […] More

  • How to Get Healthy Skin: Five Fruits for an All-Natural Look (Part 1)

    Summer is here, and the temperatures are rising. It’s time to unpack your shorts and sandals and load up on everything you need for healthy, beautiful skin—fruit. The essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits will give your body’s largest organ an all-natural makeover without the use of expensive creams or procedures. More

  • Bicycle Rental: A Small Step to Going Greener

    Cutting down on car emissions and using less fuel are two ways that help us green our lives. Commuting by bicycle is a great way to do this, but what if you live too far from work to make this a feasible option? How can the average person who doesn’t own a bicycle take advantage of all its green benefits? The answer is a bicycle share program, of course. In fact, there may already be a share site in your area. More

  • juice pouch wallet step 4

    Coffee Drinkers Rejoice!

    Bottoms up, caffeine fiends. As it turns out, a new study finds that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death. More

  • 5 Natural Energy Drink Alternatives

    As if you needed yet another reason to skip the Red Bull, a study in General Dentistry points to energy drinks as a major culprit in tooth enamel loss. More

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