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  • Health TIP: Eat Thoughtfully, Introspectively, Purposefully

    We snack mindlessly. We cling to eating habits and patterns without question. We put unknown — and often toxic — substances in our bodies. By training yourself to eat and drink Thoughtfully, Introspectively, and Purposefully, you can take better control over your health and wellness. More

  • Ten Guidelines For Creating A Healthy Pantry

    What’s in your pantry? Is it filled with natural or processed foods? If you removed all but the healthy products, what would remain? Read these ten guidelines for a healthy pantry. More

  • How Important Is Breakfast?

    An email, this time from LuckyBolt a breakfast and lunch delivery service in San Francisco, alerted me to new research that suggests that, as your momma (and LuckyBolt) told you: “Eating breakfast makes you happy and healthy…It’s the most important meal of the day!” LuckyBolt sites new research discussed at, that says that 93% of Americans […] More

  • EDB Interview: Nutritional Therapist Jessica Quinn

    Her mission is to share knowledge of the medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy, fulfilled life. Recently, we sat down with Jessica Quinn, Certified Nutritional Therapist, to talk about food, her clientele, changes in food culture, and common sense approaches to holistic health. More

  • Mountain Dew Kickstart: The Latest in a Long Line of Breakfast Atrocities

    It’s a question many of us have pondered, when trying to develop the healthy lifestyle habits that are invaluable in the quest for health and wellness. Answering the breakfast question may have just become more difficult with the release of PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew KickStart, aimed at further divorcing our best intentions from the behaviors that truly support health. More

  • Dairy Industry Wants to Put Aspartame in Milk

    Dairy industry groups have asked the Food and Drug Administration to be able to put artificial sweeteners in milk, and not change the front labeling. The justification: The changes “would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products.” Ugh. According to Courthouse News Service, The International Dairy […] More

  • Are New Vitamin-Fortified Girl Scout Cookies Actually Nutritious?

    It’s Girl Scout Cookie time and this year we have an ugh-inspiring new cookie to contend with.  A press release from ABC Cookie Bakers, part of Interbake Foods and baker of Mango Crèmes with NutriFusion, screams: NEW MANGO CREMES GIRL SCOUT COOKIE FEATURES VITAMIN ADDITIVES The release goes on to say: This year, consumers will […] More

  • New School Food Rules Set To Improve Adolescent Snacking

    On February 1st, the USDA released a landmark proposal (pdf) that sets forth new guidelines that will regulate the snacks that are able to be sold in schools and builds on improvements made to regulations guiding breakfast and lunch programs that emphasize the inclusion of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. More

  • Learning a new Love Language

    People feel and express love in different ways. What one person may believe communicates their deepest feelings may seem superficial and unneeded by another person. This comes from your personal love language. There are five different love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Expressing and receiving love differently […] More

  • The World’s First Probiotic Coffee

    Tipton Mills of Buffalo, NY recently announced that it has created the world’s first probiotic instant coffee. Consumers are now able to get a daily dose of probiotics with their morning joe, specifically in Tipton Mills private label and direct-to-consumer instant coffees and other beverages. Probiotics are commonly associated with yogurt, but now a small […] More

  • Sugar Consumption By The Numbers

    In 1822, the average American consumed 9 grams of sugar a day – about the amount in one of today’s 12-ounce sodas. Today, the average Joe takes in 153 grams daily. That’s roughly 36 teaspoons! More

  • Sustainable Seafood from Head to Tail: Maria Finn’s The Whole Fish

    Ever eaten a whole fish? No doubt you’ve probably been served one at some point, but you probably didn’t eat everything: the head, fins, and bones stayed on your plate. Food writer and former Alaska fisherwoman Maria Finn thinks that’s wasteful; furthermore, she sees the waste on our plates as symbolic of how we treat our fisheries and marine life generally. Her new book The Whole Fish: How Adventurous Eating of Seafood Can Make You Healthier, Sexier, and Help Save the Ocean covers a wide range of concerns surrounding seafood sustainability. More

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