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  • Clean Drinking Water Just One Benefit Of Better Toilets [Video]

    If you ran across someone defecating in the street, you’d probably call the police (and get a response from them). In India, however, this is a very common practice in rural areas: according to Joe Madiath of non-governmental organization Gram Vikas, 70% of Indians take care of “#2” right out in the open. This leads […] More

  • How to Eat Healthy in College… without Breaking the Bank [Infographic]

    Like most college students, healthy eating wasn’t at the top of my list during my undergraduate days: I wanted tasty, filling, and cheap! And like many of my fellow students, my weight shot up: the typical “freshman 15,” and  then quite a few more pounds in subsequent years. Had I focused on how to eat […] More

  • Is Sugar Killing You?

    A recent study found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. A recent study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk death from cardiovascular disease. The new study is significant because previous studies have linked higher intake of added sugar […] More

  • Oil Pulling: All-Natural Healing Therapy or Another Health Craze?

    Writer’s Note: Please consult your healthcare provider before attempting oil pulling therapy to ensure it’s safe for you. The other day a friend asked if I’d given the latest trend of “oil pulling” a try. I smiled and said no, but I was really thinking, “What in world is she talking about?” After scouring the […] More

  • High Protein Diet Risky as Smoking, Study Finds

    Calling all Atkins, Paleo, and standard American diet eaters — listen up! ‘More animal protein’ does not mean ‘more health and happiness.’ According to a study published Tuesday in Cell Metabolism, people who consume lots of animal protein in their middle years should instead expect it to mean ‘more cancer, diabetes, and premature mortality.’ More

  • 7 Surprising Superfoods for Budget-Conscious Cooks

    Superfoods like goji berries and raw cacao may have a lot of health benefits, but they’re also out of reach for a lot of us who are trying to feed ourselves and our families on tight budgets. Check out these surprising superfoods that are as budget-friendly as they are healthy! More

  • Poverty and Obesity: What's the Connection? [Infographic]

    We don’t do as much on issues of human health as much as some of our sister sites, but our concern with the environment certainly incorporates wellness… both individually and collectively. So when a friend offered me this infographic exploring the links between poverty and obesity, I jumped at it: these kinds of connections are […] More

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