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  • Demographics Loom Large in State Failure

    After a half-century of forming new states from former colonies and from the breakup of the Soviet Union, the international community is today faced with the opposite situation: the disintegration of states. Failing states are now a prominent feature of the international political landscape. The most systematic ongoing effort to analyze countries’ vulnerability to failure […] More

  • 7 Progressive reasons to Be Suspicious of Universal Health Care Discussions (PPB #38)

    Brian Toomey is a resident of Dancing Rabbit, the founder of search engine optimization firm JB Web Analytics, and my partner at sustainablog. On the surface, this may see off-topic, but, as you’ll see, Brian makes a clear connection between the health care debate and environmental issues. It may reinforce our cultural denial of death: […] More

  • How To Live Richly: Go Green on a Budget

    There should be no secrets among those who continue to prosper in mostly non-financial ways despite the challenging economic times.  These people live (and perhaps work) following the laws of nature more than the “laws of supply and demand” of the increasingly dysfunctional “free” and global marketplace. Here’s how to thrive in the abundance of […] More

  • Do Eco-Friendly Dentists = Green Teeth?

    I’m certain they don’t. And, yes, there are now green dentists. Springwise takes note of Transcendentist, a Berkeley, CA, dental practice that keeps your teeth white the green way. According to their post, Certified by the Alameda County Green Business Program, the office practices ecologically sustainable dentistry — from serving organic chamomile tea to using […] More