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  • Harvesting Justice #5: Uprooting Racism in the Food System – African Americans Organize

    A shovel overturned can flip so much more than soil, worms, and weeds. Structural racism – the ways in which social systems and institutions promote and perpetuate the oppression of people of color – manifests at all points in the food system. It emerges as barriers to land ownership and credit access for farmers of color, as wage discrimination and poor working conditions for food and farmworkers of color, and as lack of healthy food in neighborhoods of color. It shows up as discrimination in housing, employment, redlining, and other elements which impact food access and food justice. More

  • Zero Waste: From Dream to Reality in the Philippines

    The city of Alaminos is pioneering zero waste in the Philippines with an energetic fusion of bottom-up planning and community participation. The outcome has been stunning: whereas in 2009 almost every city dumping field had a pile burning, there were almost none two years later. With sky-high waste separation and composting rates, Alaminos has become a trend-setter for other Filipino cities. More

  • I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – 5 Great Gift Ideas

    One simply did not mess with tradition in my family. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas – it didn’t matter which holiday we were celebrating, the day was painstakingly scripted. No one dare suggest deviation of any kind and, had I had the courage to suggest introducing a green element to our regimented traditions, I would have been scrutinized mercilessly. More

  • Book Review: “Building Soils Naturally,” Organic Gardening Bible

    Building Soils Naturally by Phil Nauta is an extensive (and scientific!) look at the importance of soil sustainability in organic gardening. While it may not be the most budget-friendly answer to dirt 101, but Building Soils offers an expanse of how-to knowledge to very literally lay the groundwork for any greens to grow, without asking one to buy out a Lowe’s. More

  • Top 5 Green Events to Attend in San Francisco and the Bay Area in 2012

    If you’re an environmentally minded person then there may be no better city to live in than beautiful San Francisco, California. Well known for its strong political stance on many “green” issues and sporting a population long admired for its liberal ideas and social conscience, San Francisco offers some of the best events available to broaden your environmental horizons by educating, teaching skills and organizing like-minded people via a broad array of fun, appealing events. More

  • 10 Twitter Hashtags That Make It Easy to Follow the Latest Green News

    In the world of environmentalism, hashtags are really being put to work. Through a taste for activism and promoting change, they are utilized in such a way as to maximize visibility, and so there is potential for sharing across the globe. Many hashtags are so regularly used that they have tied together whole communities of those looking to promote and live a greener lifestyle. More

  • Eating Vegan in Gainesville, part 2

    If you’re on a road trip, taking a tour of Florida or taking a guided tour of the local colleges for future enrollment, you gotta make it a point to dine at one or more of these Gainesville yummeries! More

  • Sustainable Wine Tweets: 18 Green Wine Geeks To Follow on Twitter

    Twitter has a huge green community and a huge wine community. But, luckily, if you’re interested in both, the list gets a bit smaller. This post is a Venn diagram of where these two communities intersect. In this cross-section there are journalists, filmmakers, non-profit organizations, wineries, wine shops, app makers and industry consultants as well as a whole bunch of individual winemakers and bloggers. To put it simply, these are tweeple I follow to keep up on what’s going on in the the sustainable wine space. More

  • 8 Tips for a Green Holiday Party

    This is the most party packed time of the year! Lots of food, drinking and tons of waste going on. So however you choose to celebrate, do your best to be nice to the earth while you’re at it! Here are just a few tips to help you green your holiday celebrations! More

  • My Twelve Green New Years Resolutions for 2011

    Editor’s note: Seem a little early for resolutions? That was my immediate thought… but then I realized we’re a third of the way through January! Time to start thinking of those self-improvement ideas for the new year… and Lior has some great ideas. At the end of a year it is common practice for many […] More

  • menorah

    Healthy Hanukkah Recipes and Tips

    The first night on Hanukah was on Tuesday, and if you’re looking to lighten up the holiday fare for the remaining nights, the Healthy Voyager has some tips for you! More

  • Nope… No Green Gift Guide this Year

    If you’ve spent anytime at all in the green blogosphere over the past week or two, you’ve run across at least one… a green gift guide, that is. They’re everywhere! No problem with that… they are helpful for finding new and/or innovative products you might want to give to a person on your list… but […] More

  • 4 New Eco Fashion Designers Combine Style with Mission

    Nowadays, being environmentally conscious doesn’t just impact the way you live, but what you wear. That’s because many new eco-conscious designers are quickly emerging in the fashion world. By using fairly traded, non-toxic, and recycled materials, these designers are able to create sustainable clothes and accessories for the environmentally-friendly consumer. Their designs are extremely fashion-forward, […] More

  • Green Halloween: Throwing A Fabulously Green Monster Bash

    Just because you can claim you are possessed by demons on this time of year, it’s no excuse to ignore your carbon footprint or your health. There are so many ways to green your Halloween, keep fit and save money. Here are just tips that will keep you from the frightening realities of an un-green Halloween!: More

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