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  • 10 Ways that Social Media and Sustainability Line Up

    The mega-trends of social media and sustainability share plenty of the same DNA. The Arnold Palmer is an exceptional beverage. It takes two individual beverages, iced tea and lemonade, each very good in their own right, and creates an even better one. That’s how we feel about social media and green living i.e. sustainability. There […] More

  • There Are Green Jobs Up In Canada, eh.

    Americans do not have a particularly easy time getting jobs in Canada. I am not saying it’s impossible, mind you, just difficult. But, if you reside in one of the 50 plus countries of the British Commonwealth, you might have a much easier time getting the proper papers to be permitted to stay and work […] More

  • Green Labor Shortage Creates Additional Green Careers

    One of the critical issues to come out of the Advancing the New Energy Economy Summit is the shortage of green laborers who have the skills to retrofit buildings, build new green construction, install solar panels and built wind farms. This news has a number of implications for green careers of all kinds. More