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  • Starting an organic gift basket business

    Ever looked at the gift basket selection around Christmas, Easter, or any other major holiday and thought, “I’d love to get a gift basket for someone, but that one’s just full of GMO garbage”? If so, you’re not alone. Even at Whole Foods, getting a gift basket for someone often means a whole mess of packaging, non-local foods, and potentially a fair bit of GMO junk (though Whole Foods has declared that by 2018 there will be no more GMOs in their stores). More

  • Ikea Creates Eco-Friendly Cardboard Camera

    Ikea, the modular furniture retailer, has developed a cardboard camera to help promote their PS 2012 line of furniture. The camera has a cardboard outer casing, USB drive, lens, one circuit board, two plastic screws and two AA batteries. It’s light, compact, and recyclable. More

  • Food Trucks: A Sustainable & Viable Business Strategy? – Ecopreneurist

    Food trucks are popping up all over major cities. Are they sustainable food businesses? The concept of food trucks has been around since the 50’s but the gourmet food truck has gained in popularity only recently with the social media boom and extensive coverage through reality shows like The Great Food Truck Race. Food trucks […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #21

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up… it’s time once again for the greatest show in the green business blogosphere: the Green Business Blog Carnival! Each week, green bloggers from around the Internets bring you some of the best green business content from the past seven days. Last week, our co-founder Triplepundit played […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #13

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up… it’s Carnival time! Welcome to the greatest show in the green business blogosphere… the Green Business Blog Carnival! Hopefully, you made the trip to Green Building Elements last week for edition #12 of the Carnival (and, of course, you still can)… and now’s the time to […] More

  • sustainablog Approved: Recycled Bags and More from Greensmart

    Starting a green business is tough enough… now imagine being a successful small producer of a product line and shifting to a environmentally-friendly model. Going back to the beginning on finding suppliers and manufacturers. Letting wholesale and retail customers know that you’re now selling a different kind of product. It’s a challenge many small-er businesses […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #8 at Eco-Libris

    A little slow on the jump here, but the Green Business Blog Carnival did make its scheduled stop on Friday at Eco-Libris’ blog. This was the second time the Carnival was hosted at a green company’s blog… we hope to see more of that in the future. So, what did Raz and crew find interesting […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #7 at Calfinder's Solar Blog

    It’s almost the weekend, and here at sustainablog, that means giving some love to the weekly host of the Green Business Blog Carnival! This week was the biggest yet, and Calfinder blogger extraordinaire Taylen Peterson clearly had a lot of fun putting this week’s edition together at their Residential Solar Power Blog. So what’s on […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #5 Posted at Cleantechies

    Got your fix of green business news and ideas this week? If not, head over to Cleantechies for this week’s edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival, where editor Walter Wang put together a great collection of posts (and passes around margaritas!). Featured this week: green web hosts, entrepreneurial approaches to composting (yes, that’s mine), […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #4 up at David Coethica's blog

    Another Friday, another double whammy of link love. Our own Five for Friday went up earlier this morning, and, on the business front, David Coethica’s blog played host to this week’s Green Business Blog Carnival this week. As you’ll see simply by the number of posts, the idea seems to be catching on… so look […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #1 Up at Triplepundit

    I’m a little late to the game here (see yesterday’s Five for Friday for my excuse), but definitely wanted to give a “heads up” for the inaugural editor of the Green Business Blog Carnival. Nick published it yesterday morning at Triplepundit, and we’re really pleased with our initial offering of some of the best green […] More

  • Introducing the Green Business Blog Carnival

    Want to join a conversation, or find information, on green business? It’s not difficult: “green,” “eco,” and “responsible” have become integral terms surrounding discussions on business. Web sites, blogs, and online communities dedicated to these concepts have appeared as quickly as media campaigns touting the sustainability of corporate efforts. Have trouble keeping up with news […] More

  • The Cooperative Economy: REI’s Commitment to Serving the Planet’s Stewards

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up with buying things that break or wear out way before they should. Warranties – from both manufacturers and retailers — seem to be getting shorter and more limited than ever, as if durability is an afterthought. But I don’t want to support the landfill economy. […] More

  • Caretakers of Sustainability: Journey Inn

    If life’s a journey, Journey Inn — an eco-inn and retreat that’s designed with nature completely in mind, spirit and body – serves as a guide. Located in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, about an hour from St. Paul-Minneapolis, this Travel Green Wisconsin and Green Routes certified enterprise launched by John Huffaker and Charlene Torchia in 2006 […] More

  • The Story of Sustainability

    We’ve all heard of The Story of Stuff. But The Story of Sustainability? This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Dennis Paige, founder of Swiftdeer-Paige, at Inn Serendipity to share a program on storytelling with our community of friends and family. Awarded the 2008 Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award from the Audubon-Chicago Region and […] More

  • Book Review: Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money

    Most of us have heard about the slow food movement where we savor the taste of a place, know our farmers and sip the wine slowly, not gulp down a beer. But what about Slow Money? In Woody Tasch’s visionary book, Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility […] More

  • Healthcare and Wellness for All

    As my wife and I write about in ECOpreneuring, if good health is important – and it should be for everyone – then a regular exercise routine along with eating right becomes a feature in our sustainable lifestyle, whether you walk around the block, do yoga or work out three times a week at a […] More

  • July 4: How are you celebrating Independence Day?

    Like millions of Americans, we’re celebrating July 4th, Independence Day. However, we’re celebrating this national holiday by focusing on the many aspects of our life that, in various ways, have led us to quite a different vision for a sustainable tomorrow – complete with local, renewable energy and lots of delicious meals harvested within ten […] More

  • Earth Pups: Chicago Woman Fulfills Dream of Green Doggy Daycare

    Julie Thomas had been working for LaSalle Bank for ten years when she got her final assignment. She was transferred to Chicago to sell the bank-essentially, to sell herself out of a job. In that situation, most people of Thomas’ ilk would have begun the search for another corporate career. But with new-found freedom and […] More

  • Green Talk Radio: Shea Gunther of EarthFirst

    GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with green blogger and eco-entrepreneur Shea Gunther, previously of and now with MNN. [Courtesy of our friends at] Click Play Below,or Shea Gunther of More

  • STATE OF THE WORLD Book Series Pivotal to Understanding our Paths to Sustainability

    People often ask me: “So what set you on your present course of operating a sustainable business, growing most of your own food organically, working from home, and powering your entire farm and business with renewable energy?”  People ask me about that definitive moment where it became obvious that I needed to live and work […] More

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