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  • DIY How-to: Build a $300 in-Ground Greenhouse (w/ plans)

    Farmers have been trying to extend the growing season of their crops for hundreds of years. So far, the greenhouse has been the dominant technology, since it doesn’t usually require electricity to operate. The problem with setting up an off-the grid greenhouse is that the typical, “glazed glass” structure can be prohibitively expensive to construct. […] More

  • Mexico City Bed and Breakfast a Green Oasis

    Bed and breakfast El Patio 77 offers a sustainable getaway in the middle of Mexico City in a repurposed building replete with solar hot water, and other eco-friendly comforts. More

  • Better Buildings Challenge Achieving Greater Commercial Building Energy Efficiency [Infographic]

    Most of us associate “green building” with “energy-efficient homes”; when we think of buying energy, we immediately think of our own utility bills. But, as you might expect, commercial buildings and industrial facilities are huge users of energy, so President Obama and the Department of Energy launched the Better Buildings Challenge in 2011 to get more efficiency out of the $400 billion spent each year to power these installations. More

  • Thirteen Elements of a Dream Green Home [Infographic]

    Got a dream green home you’d love to build? Sure, you’ll probably want to include solar panels in the building… but that’s just one element. Green building involves making the most efficient use of the materials that go into the building, and creating a space that allows for sustainable use of resources needed to live in that home. More

  • Hemp Proves Its Value as a Building Material

    Sure, you can turn parts of the hemp plant intro fabrics, oils, and even hemp milk… but building materials? That how one builder in North Carolina is using this versatile plant. More

  • SodaBIB: the Plastic Roof Made from Reused Materials

    We often refer to our homes as “the roof over our heads”… but, unless it needs repair, we generally don’t give much thought to our actual roofs. That’s often not the case in the developing world, where makeshift roofing of materials like corrugated tin often provides minimal protection in normal conditions… and often none when disasters like hurricanes strike. The SodaBIB system addresses some of the most common problems with roofing in the world’s poorest areas. More

  • A Look Inside Active House USA

    The first home in the US built to Active House standards is well underway in Webster Groves, Missouri. The builders and contractors took a break from their work this past weekend to show off what they’ve accomplished so far. More

  • 3 of the World’s Most Ambitious Green Buildings

    The race to go green has driven the construction of several enormous projects around the world. These three ambitious green buildings are on a scale that could change the lives of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. More

  • Chicago-based Eco-Friendly Dentist Doubles Down on Green

    In Chicago, the hub of all things green in the Midwest, the ORA Dental Studio has really picked up the concept of eco-dentistry and run with it. Not only do they offer what is now the typical combination of Earth-friendly dental equipment in a relaxing atmosphere, but they do it in a certified green building More

  • 6 Gorgeous Small Rustic Cottages: Sweden's Urnatur

    Urnatur is a family-owned retreat and tree house hotel, with private cabins in the incredible Swedish forest. It’s a place where individuals can go to learn about traditonal skills (foraging wild foods, traditional building), or simply go for a bit of downtime. More

  • Tiny House: Could You Live In A Hole In The Ground?

    The days of big houses that suck up vast amount of energy so families of four live together without speaking to each other are over. Not only are these McMansions expensive and unnecessary, they lack the unique character of a home built to suit the needs of those that inhabit it. Tiny houses, homes built to […] More

  • LEED Buildings Can Now Obtain "Bird Friendly" Credits

    Many of us are doing our part to protect the environment while reducing our impact as well. There are more people than ever embracing environmentally friendly, green technologies. There are solar powered garage doors, mobile device chargers, and even chargers installed into one’s backpack. More

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