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  • Why Wind Power Works in the UK

    In the UK, we have some of the most suitable weather for different types of renewable energy systems to work at their best. Although both solar and tidal power are renewable energy sources which are being put to good use already, it is wind power that has made the biggest impact on the general awareness of clean power generation. More

  • One Woman Battles the Bag… and Wins! (PPB #17)

    Our friends at Eco-Libris have their guest post up, and it combines the themes of eco-heroes and plastic bags that we’ve already seen. After making a documentary on “about the devastating effect of plastic bags on marine life in Hawaii,” Rebecca Hoskings decided to do something about them in her little English village of Modbury. […] More

  • Youthful Eyes on the Environment: English School Kids Take Charge

    Editor’s note: Brenna Dardolph is a student at the University of Kansas who recently finished Prof. Simran Sethi’s course Media & the Environment. When we were seven, my good friend Julia’s parents finally quit smoking. The cause? Their little first grader’s nagging. As part of her elementary school curriculum, Julia was learning about the perils […] More

  • Life Goggles: Green Hotel Rating System Launched in Great Britain

    Editor’s note: Got a trip to the UK coming up? If so, Life Goggles notes that it will soon be easier to find eco-friendly accommodations, as the British Tourism Board has launched a new program for certifying “green” hotels. This post was originally published on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. VisitBritain, Britain’s National Tourist Board has […] More