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  • What's the Best Compost Bin for Your Yard?

    I tend to start thinking about composting – changes to my system, etc. – in the Spring: that’s when I’m planning my planting for the year, and trying to take fertilization into account. But when I stop to think about it, Fall is really the ideal time for planning ahead on composting: you’ve likely got […] More

  • ProTip: You Need a Machete

    I’ll leave out the part where I sometimes pretend to swordfight with it, because that’s super dangerous and not OK. Especially since the machete’s primary purpose is hacking, and you might think that you don’t have a lot of hacking that you need to do in your life, but you do. All that said, this […] More

  • California’s Neighborhood Food Act is in Effect

    Want to turn your front yard into a radish garden? Or how about making that empty lot you own into a pumpkin patch? If you live in California, the recently passed Neighborhood Food Act says you can grow as much food on your property as you want, without penalty. Think that’s no big deal? Turns […] More

  • How To: Grow Microgreens in Tupperware

    Microgreens are delicious, easy-to-grow food sources that are high in nutrients and easily moveable- Julie Finn does a great job explaining this how to! More

  • Vermicomposting Goes to Prison

    The Washington State Reformatory has built a thriving vermicomposting operation that saves money & gives inmates a unique, valuable work opportunity. More

  • Pee on Your Garden: Wastewater Gardening Hits the News

    I told you that wastewater gardening is a thing now! Mind you, wastewater gardening has technically been a thing since the first hunter-gatherers decided that there was a better life to be had by settling themselves down with some grain fields in that super-fertile plot of land in between the Tigris and the Euphrates, and […] More

  • Book Review: Practical Projects for Self-Sufficiency

    Let’s say that self-sufficiency is a spectrum. You like to garden? You’re on the low end of the spectrum. You can the produce from that garden? You’re a little higher on the spectrum. You irrigate your garden with captured rainwater? Higher still. Fertilize your garden with humanure? You’re really high on the spectrum; there aren’t […] More

  • Broken Coffee Mug Planter (and How to Propagate Rosemary)

    My kids are HARD on my coffee mugs, y’all! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mean mom and make them do the dishes (don’t feel like you have to make your kids do this, too–mine clearly do a terrible job!), or because our kitchen is floored with a stone tile that is literal murder […] More

  • How to Build a Keyhole Garden

    Want to maximize your gardening space with a raised bed? Consider a keyhole garden. This African-style kitchen garden puts everything you need for successful vegetable gardening right in front of you. More

  • The DIY Compost Bin that You’ll Actually Want to Use: 4 Plans for #Gardenweek

    Editor’s note: This post is sustainablog’s contribution to Garden Week at Crafting a Green World… go get inspired with lots of great ideas for your Spring garden! As a big fan of DIY projects, you might expect to find a compost bin made from pallets, or something similar, in my backyard. Nope – I’ve got […] More

  • Florida Law Makes Living Off The Grid Illegal

    If you’re in Florida and hope to live a more sustainable lifestyle free from the influence of energy companies and massive agricultural conglomerates by adding solar panels to your home, harvesting rainwater, and planting an organic garden on your property- watch out. Citing the International Property Maintenance Code, city officials in Cape Coral, FL are […] More

  • 10 Ways to Revolt With Your Garden

    Prepare for the worst in case your local gov’t is unable to respond or offer help in the event of an emergency (or, you know, IS the emergency), and use a garden to stick it to the man. More

  • Sustainable Prison Rehabilitation Program Celebrates Years of Success

    Prison rehabilitation usually involves some combination of on-site work experience, and maybe some GED or college courses. But gardening? Dog training? Prairie restoration? Sounds like some social worker’s fantasy – right? Well, in some places, but in Washington State, the Sustainability in Prisons Program – a partnership with Evergreen State College – has over five […] More

  • Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garden [Spring Cleaning Week]

    Our friends over at Crafting a Green World are hosting Spring Cleaning Week this week… and, like many other sites in the Important Media network, we wanted to join in. Sure, we’ve published numerous posts in the past about greening up your house cleaning routine… but, as I tried to think of a uniquely sustainablog-gy […] More

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