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  • Blue Green Box Helps Turn Your Aquarium into a Hydroponic Fish Farm (w/ video)

    Urban farming, living off the grid, surviving a zombie apocalypse, spaceflight, and Formula 1 racing. Those seemingly unrelated activities do, in fact, have something in common: the people who are successful at them understand that 1 object can serve many purposes. Sometimes it’s a wood-chopping axe that you use to bust open zombie skulls, other […] More

  • Green Pest Control: Fall Tips for Your Home and Garden

    As temperatures start to cool and the weather gets wetter, the chances of finding unwanted pests in and around your home will increase. Homes provide the ideal environment for pests seeking shelter, food, water and hiding spots in preparation for the cold winter months. By using the green pest control tips below, you can ward off some of the most unwanted pests this Fall. More

  • Fall Garden: Growing from Seed

    This time around, instead of buying plants, I decided to start my fall garden from seed!

    Since I’ve never grown from seed before, I needed to figure out how to grow everything I planted. In case any of you picked up seeds similar to mine, I thought I’d share what I learned! More

  • Sustainable Eating and Your Connection to Nature

    As humanity faces the biggest challenge it has ever faced – to live sustainably on this wonderful and mysterious blue-green planet – all of our habits and assumptions have come under question. What we eat, of course, has been no different. More

  • Hey Gardeners! There Are Some Social Networking Sites Just For You

    Social networking has literally taken over the online world, and for many of us it has taken over our lives as well. Who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter or both? Perhaps a LinkedIn for work or even one of the new, invite-only Google+ accounts that have generated so much interest this week? I am […] More

  • Eco-friendly Eggshell Seed Starters!

    If you have some eggshells ready to go out to the compost, grab em’ and I’ll show and tell you how to make eggshell seed starters! The first of my “how-to” series, by Cait Scott More

  • rose coffee grounds

    How to Grow Amazing Roses with Coffee Grounds

    I have found few things as rewarding as spending time in the garden, listening to the birds chatter, and to see little flying things moving around the leaves of home grown fruits and vegetables. Halfway through a wet Australian Summer, my garden is in excellent condition, from the topsoil to the tips of the sunflowers… […] More

  • new years fireworks

    5 Food New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions related to food are probably some of the most common. I guess it makes sense, given that food is such a central part of our lives and is also such a central part of many of our problems. Of course, as Heather pointed out earlier today, a lot of people don’t take […] More

  • Garden Planning: Design an Herb Garden

    If you want to start a garden next spring but are worried about the time and labor investment, an herb garden is an excellent, easy-to-manage substitute. Here are some tips to start planning your herb garden. More

  • Ups and Downs of Urban Gardening

    Urban gardens are a great way to grow local and organic food; however, recent research highlights that some urban gardens may be contaminated with lead. More

  • Canning your Goods: Tips for Home Food Preservation

    It’s that time of year again…your garden is overflowing and you can’t seem to eat fast enough! The zucchini and basil are multiplying faster than you can pick them and soon the tomatoes will start turning red right before your eyes.  It is time to do something about it. A great way to make good […] More

  • Give Your Truck a Caffeine Jolt: Spent Coffee Grounds as a Biodiesel

    The world produces an insane amount of coffee each year, somewhere around 16 billion pounds.  The grounds are soaked in water, that’s the end of their life.  They are not really consumed, only used for a small fraction of their delightful oils and stimulating phytochemicals (read: caffeine).  If the grounds are lucky, maybe they end […] More

  • In Season Now: Garlic Scapes

    Much like frisée, garlic scapes seem to inspire a lot of fear and skepticism at the farmers market. But instead of eying those tangly, green shoots with mistrust the next time you see them on a stand, I’d recommend snatching up as many as you can. More

  • Sustainability is about Permanence

    According to Richard Florida in his latest book, Who’s Your City?, the average American moves every seven years. “More than 40 million people relocate each year; 15 million make significant moves of more than 50 or 100 miles,” writes Florida. That’s a lot of carboard boxes, time and energy. The implications for such a footloose […] More

  • Sustainability Spending with Frugality Rules

    Okay.  So, the shopping spree may be over.  It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or listen to a TV station that doesn’t have a story about it.  Meanwhile, advertisers keep putting things on sale to get us spending again.  However, millions of Americans are waking up with a debt-hangover and have adopted a new […] More

  • Pest Control in the Organic Garden

    You’ve worked hard getting that garden planted and tending it with care, but inevitably nature takes its course and the bugs find those veggies. Is it any surprise they’d want to eat the delicious fruits of your labors? You can’t blame them, after all. But you can prevent pest damage and control problems. More

  • Teach Your Veggies: Five Tips for Better Eating through Gardening with Kids

    I’m no licensed child psychologist.  My kid-rearing experience stems from a sample size of one young, lanky legged son.  Still, I feel confident in proclaiming, after these past seven years of Wisconsin gardening with Liam, that kids will eat anything they have a connection to growing or harvesting themselves.  A simple equation:  the more we […] More

  • Mulch: A Gardener’s Best Friend

    Bare, exposed soil rarely exists in nature, so why should it be in your garden? Mulching with an organic mulch like straw will build healthy soil, conserve water, and help keep weeds at bay. In other words, it creates less work for you! Mulch is truly a gardener’s best friend! It seems like all I’ve […] More

  • Fast Fuel: Three Tips to Eat Healthy During the Busy Gardening Season

    As our gardens start to deliver, as I harvest my first spring veggies this time of year, I always make the same resolution:  This year I’m going to eat more fresh out of the garden. It sounds obvious, but the truth of the matter is I always get wrapped up in the garden work, from […] More

  • Six Urban Farms, From U.S. Coast to Coast

    With spring bringing out the gardener in many of us — veteran, rookie and in between — my household has been expanding our growing. Last year, we had a couple of small vegetable plots that maybe totalled 15-20 square feet. Plus, we created a wildflower and native grass section that stretches to a slim 40 […] More

  • Maintaining Healthy Soil: A Gardener’s Duty

    Soil is one of a gardener’s most important resources, and preserving its health and vitality one of our most crucial responsibilities. Nourish the soil sustainably and you’ll be rewarded with healthier plants and bountiful harvests for years to come. I was reading National Geographic the other day, and came across an article on soil called […] More

  • Water Wise Gardening

    With the economy on the downturn, more and more people are starting gardens to help ease grocery bills. Growing one’s own food is a step towards living sustainably, so this is great news. However, more gardens mean more water use,  and 40% of water used during the summer is used outdoors. So, as you plan […] More

  • Cabin Fever? Start Planning the Garden!

    April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring some very anxious, antsy gardeners! Before you pick up a shovel or plant a single seed, there’s much to be done while you wait for the spring planting season. Planning your garden during the winter and early spring can help you get a jump start […] More

  • Pistachio Recall – is Anything Safe to Eat Anymore?

    After my family and I enjoyed several handfuls of pistachios at a get- together last weekend, I was surprised to hear yesterday about the latest food recall. Federal food officials are warning Americans to avoid any food containing pistachios because of possible salmonella contamination.  (Just like the recent problems with peanuts.) All of this food […] More

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