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  • Forage the Urban Bounty: 11 Crowdsourced Maps of Edible Plants

    The art of foraging goes back to our hunter-gatherer days, but most of us don’t spend much time any more walking the neighborhood looking for edible weeds and fruit trees. That’s changing, though, as many try to simplify and take advantage of food that’s available for the taking in our yards, parks, and other green […] More

  • growing hops in north carolina - winding up a trellis

    Foraging For Food Made Easy With This Crowdsourced Map

    Our earliest ancestors hunted and gathered. And now, gathering is back in style in the form of food foraging. If you enjoy foraging for food, check out Falling Fruit, an interactive, crowd-sourced map of pickable produce in public spaces. More

  • Stinging Nettle Recipes Beyond Soup & Tea

    Given that cooked stinging nettle is compared to spinach, it makes sense that there’s much more you could do with this wild plant. While I’ve never eaten nettle (that I know of), I’ve become intrigued lately with the notion of foraging… and stinging nettle is readily available almost everywhere in the early Spring. After a little digging, I also discovered this plant is really versatile, and works in recipes from a wide variety of culinary traditions. More

  • Wild Eats: Ramps

    How to hunt for ramps (aka wild leeks) and some of my favorite recipes for this spring-time delicacy! More

  • Food Crisis in 2011: Forbes Prediction

    According to Forbes, the rise in food prices is accelerating, and this is just the beginning. They’re predicting a food crisis in 2011 to rival the food shortages back in 2008. JP Morgan Chase’s comparison shopping revealed that even Wal-Mart’s raised prices on key items, and the folks at Forbes say we can expect prices […] More

  • Foraging for Wild Persimmons

    Wild persimmons are very high on my favorite wild food list. Perhaps its because they’re related to one of my all-time favorite fruits: black sapote, also known as the black persimmon or chocolate pudding fruit. Wild persimmons are as sweet and luscious as dates, with warm cinnamon notes. They’re similar in flavor to cultivated, imported […] More

  • Depression Era Cooking: Dandelion Salad

    We love foraging for food around here! Wild fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and weeds are free sources of local, healthy eats in a time when we could all stand to save a buck. Have you guys run across Depression Era Cooking with Clara before? She’s a 94 year old woman who shares cooking tips from the […] More

  • Natural Insect Repellent for Foragers

    Here at Eat.Drink.Better, we pay a lot of attention to the toxicity of our food. But what about the chemicals that we put on our skin? As an avid forager for wild foods, I’m in the woods a lot. I don’t want to be eaten alive while hunting for dinner, but I also don’t like […] More

  • Wild Eats Library: Must-Reads for Foragers

    Last week Hank Shaw posted this piece on The Atlantic Food Channel about his favorite books for foragers. It’s an excellent list of must-reads for anyone interested in wild edible plants and mushrooms. Here are a few more books that I’d recommend adding to your library. More

  • Wild Eats: Purslane, the Delicious Weed

    Last week, I was pruning tomato plants at the farm when I noticed a vaguely familiar plant growing amongst the tomatoes. It had fleshy, succulent, paddle-shaped leaves and thick, reddish stems that crept along the ground. After studying it for a moment, it came to me – purslane! I recognized it from one of my […] More

  • Hunting for Wild Oyster Mushrooms

    Although this spring was a disappointing one for morels in my area, the past week’s mushroom haul has more than made up for it. One of the tastiest mushrooms in season now is the Oyster Mushroom. More

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    Best Food and Wine Blogs

    Last week, the James Beard Foundation Awards – dubbed the “Oscars of the food world” by Time magazine – named Serious Eats the Best Food Blog of 2010. CHOW won for Best Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurants, or Nutrition. Here are some other great foodie websites that didn’t make the cut (besides Eat.Drink.Better, of […] More

  • Forage Your Own Free Food on a Wild Edibles Walk

    Spring is the season to welcome new growth, longer days, and lots and lots of sprouting green stuff. But wouldn’t it be great to actually be able to identify all of that new plant life in your neighborhood? And wouldn’t it be even better to be able to pick out those plants that are actually […] More

  • Morels: Hunting for Wild Mushrooms

    April is morel-season here in Missouri, and much of the Midwest. Morels are one of my favorite wild mushrooms. They’re delicious of course, but they also symbolize the beginning of a long stretch of foraging opportunities – chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, blackberries, service berries, elderberries, pawpaws, wild greens, and more. If you’re interested in collecting mushrooms […] More

  • Weekend Adventure: Forage for Stinging Nettles!

    I know I’m not the only foodie who has started developing an interest in foraging for wild edibles.  While I’d really love to go on a mushroom hunt (morel season is nearly upon us!), I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so unless under the guidance of an experienced forager, as novices can easily misidentify mushroom species […] More

  • Edible Wild Food: Sorrel

    Today we’ve eaten the last of our sorrel until spring. Where I grew up we had traveller families who passed through our village several times a year, and when they did, their children would join us in school for a few weeks. As they walked home, the traveller kids regularly foraged for food: hazelnuts in […] More

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    Autumn Is the Time for Persimmon Pickin’!

    When autumn, lovely autumn, swings round these here parts once again, so many things start to fall: leaves, acorns, pine cones, temperatures, humidity levels… Although spring and summer get the most credit as seasons for bountiful harvests, autumn has its bounty, too. Amongst nature’s many freely offered wild edibles, we finicky humans have overlooked a […] More

  • The Fine Art of Foraging

    For this Fourth of July, I chose to celebrate a day of independence by stressing out to prepare for a holiday party, nor by figuring out which fireworks show to go to, nor by basking in the presence of President Bush during his visit to Monticello here in Charlottesville. No, for this Fourth of July, […] More

  • Cooking With Sea Asparagus

    I went to an unfamiliar greenmarket today and had the pleasure of meeting a whole new group of farmers. One vendor was not a farmer at all, but a forager. In fact, he has an entire network of foragers throughout Canada who trade products, enabling a far longer season than would otherwise exist (the man […] More

  • Wild Greens in the Great White North

    While browsing the St. Lawrence Market last weekend, I was elated to spot the paisley-shaped heads of fiddlehead ferns. I won’t get into my love for the regional delicacy too much, as Jennie already posted a great recipe, but I felt that – despite their season of only a few weeks – the wild, gamey […] More