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  • 4 Food and Beverage Ads Worth Watching

    Whether it’s misleading or false advertising, or wasteful packaging, there’s a lot wrong in the world of food and beverage advertising. But it’s not all bad. More

  • Does Music Enhance the Natural Flavor of Food?

    If there are two things I love, they’re music and food. They often go together: KUSC’s classical music with my morning coffee and toast or one of my favorite records of the year with a late lunch. I’ve often felt like the right music made food taste better but now there’s science to back that up. Certain music, the research finds, brings out the natural flavor of food in the most unique ways. More

  • How To: Grow Microgreens in Tupperware

    Microgreens are delicious, easy-to-grow food sources that are high in nutrients and easily moveable- Julie Finn does a great job explaining this how to! More

  • How To: Raise Your Own Crickets

    Crickets are one of nature’s most efficient fiber-to-protein machines, but we’ve never talked about what it takes to grow your own. Until now, that is! More

  • How to Keep Eco-Friendly Indoor Cats

    Keep your indoor cats happy and healthy with eco-friendly products that they also like. Food, litter, and play all have greener options available. More

  • Michigan Hates Chickens (and Bees, and Goats): No More “Right to Farm”

    Do you keep backyard chickens? Or have a beehive? Or own a couple of very spoiled goats/lawnmowers? Yeah, Michigan hates you. Michigan, whose “Right to Farm” act used to be the envy of all the other backyard chicken owners/urban beekeepers/goat hobbyists in all the other states, is now the state that nobody interested in micro-husbandry […] More

  • How to Eat Healthy in College… without Breaking the Bank [Infographic]

    Like most college students, healthy eating wasn’t at the top of my list during my undergraduate days: I wanted tasty, filling, and cheap! And like many of my fellow students, my weight shot up: the typical “freshman 15,” and  then quite a few more pounds in subsequent years. Had I focused on how to eat […] More

  • Why Do Onions Make You Cry? How Chemicals Work in Food [Infographic]

    We eat. It’s as much a part of being human as breathing. But unlike breathing, food is much more fun, and complicated. Right? We have so many flavors and colors and textures of foods to choose from. But with that come all kinds of weird effects as a result of the chemical compounds in food: Why do onions make you cry? Why does asparagus makes your pee stink? If you have ever wondered about these weird effects of food, you’re not alone. More

  • Grow Your Own Edible Insects: the Open Bug Farm

    Insects are chock-full of nutrition, and require little space, effort or expense for farming. Compare this to, say, growing a cow or a pig yourself, and you’ll understand why 2 billion people around the world already practice entomophagy (the fancy word for “eating bugs”). More

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Fact Sheet

    The world fish catch is a measure of the productivity and health of the oceanic ecosystem that covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. The extent to which world demand for seafood is outrunning the sustainable yield of fisheries can be seen in shrinking fish stocks, declining catches, and collapsing fisheries. Seafood plays a vital […] More

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