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  • 9 Food Trends that Make Us Happy

    There are lots of gross, unhealthy food trends out there, and it’s easy to get very gloom and doom about our food system. There are some silver linings though. Check out these awesome food trends! More

  • Food & Beverage TrendWatch: Blue Hill Savory Vegetable Yogurt

    FoodNavigator-USA recently picked its list of 10 food and beverage entrepreneurs to watch in 2014 and some of the entrepreneurs are finding profit in healthful, innovative, inspiring food trends. This is the third in a series highlighting the best of FoodNavigator-USA’s list of 10 food and beverage entrepreneurs to watch in 2014. Food Navigator’s third F&B entrepreneur is none […] More

  • Doritos-Flavored Everything: The Latest in Terrible Food Trends

    With both diet and regular soda sales slumping, it’s no surprise that Pepsico is looking at ways to capitalize on its other offerings. And it appears that its Frito-Lay division’s Doritos snacks may be the next terrible food trends. And it’s not one of the healthy restaurant trends that Mary talked about last month. More

  • Fast Food Workers Strike for Living Wage

    Fast food workers across the U.S. strike for a livable minimum wage, and for the right to unionize. Industry threatens robots, disaster, and utter economic collapse if it’s forced to pay food workers enough to buy food. Whether or not you would ever in a million years patronize fast food restaurants, this conflict highlights the need to examine and revise laws allowing unlimited exploitation of workers by food industry giants. As such it’s long past due, and worth close watching. More

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    Top News from the Food Front: GMO Battles, Horse Abattoirs, Food Stamp Fails, & Vegan Wins

    This week’s top news features GMOs, horse slaughter, food stamps, and some nifty vegan wins. Also, apparently the USDA hates both chickens and poultry plant workers. Read on, for some infuriating and also some encouraging developments in food news! Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2013: GMO News Galore There’s good news and annoying news this week from the GMO front, as public […] More

  • You vote every single day.

    Any time you buy food, whether it’s at the store, a farmer’s market, or a restaurant, you’re sending a message about what you will or won’t put into your body. And that message gets heard loud and clear. Let’s take a minute to look at some of the trends popping up because the profood movement has learned that we can speak with our wallets for local, organic, and sustainable food options… More

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    Best Food and Wine Blogs

    Last week, the James Beard Foundation Awards – dubbed the “Oscars of the food world” by Time magazine – named Serious Eats the Best Food Blog of 2010. CHOW won for Best Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurants, or Nutrition. Here are some other great foodie websites that didn’t make the cut (besides Eat.Drink.Better, of […] More