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  • Watch the Climate Reality Live Stream Here

    Beginning at 8pm this evening, Al Gore and 23 other speakers will be discussing climate change and dispelling false claims made by its deniers. You can watch it live right here.

    Wait…what does climate change have to do with food? Everything. More

  • Tomorrow: Climate Reality Live Stream at 8pm EST

    Beginning at 8pm tomorrow evening, Al Gore and 23 other speakers will be discussing climate change and dispelling false claims made by its deniers, and we’ll be streaming it live here at Eat Drink Better.

    What does climate change have to do with food? Everything. More

  • Dwindling Food Biodiversity

    National Geographic shared a shocking infographic highlighting the loss of biodiversity in our food supply. Check it. More

  • Food Sprout: Where Did Your Food Come From?

    This post is part of a series where Krates Ng (co-founder of PlantMyPhonecellphone recycling) interviews fellow ecopreneurs. Today, Krates interviews Andrew Naber of Food Sprout. If you are what you eat, then Food Sprout tells you where your food comes from and how it was grown and raised. More

  • Bacteria Made Your Lunch

    [social_buttons] I was thinking of doing a post with a title like ‘In defense of cows’ or something along those lines.  This is not just because I’m a sort of carnivorous and contrarian guy (which I am), but because cows can actually do something that is objectively remarkable.  I know that lots of the readers on […] More

  • Vanuatu Squat Lobster Discovered to Eat Wood

    Related to hermit crabs and resembling lobsters, there are over 850 species of squat lobsters. One of them, Munidopsis andamanica, has been recently discovered to eat wood!  Scavengers by nature, squat lobsters have made wood debris their primary food source as other food supplies dwindle. More

  • real christmas trees

    Better Water Management Means Increased Crop Production

    Read the news on any given day and you’re likely to find two themes: we are running out of water and we need more food for a growing population. A new study that is the first to quantify the possibilities of water management as it is related to increasing crop production examined current crop production […] More

  • Raising an Ethical Issue in the Farming Technology Debate

      [social_buttons] The Image above is corn growing in Zimbabwe. There was a scholarly article published late last year by Dr. Robert Paarlberg entitled “The Ethics of Modern Agriculture.”  I would encourage anyone concerned about both the environment and about feeding people to read it.  It raises some important questions about the ethics of even well intentioned […] More

  • Wheat Breeders: A Quiet Pillar of Sustainable Agriculture

    [social_buttons] I’m doing a series of posts about why wheat has been an orphan crop.  Today I want to talk about UG99 Stem Rust. In 1999 a new strain of Stem Rust, a severe wheat disease, emerged in Uganda.  It was named UG99, and since then it has spread to other wheat growing areas in Africa and Asia but […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Reasons to Reject Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready Wheat

    Last month, Canada, the United States, and Australia announced unprecedented plans to join forces and commercialize genetically-engineered wheat, saying that biotechnology was crucial to the future of the wheat industry. The National Farmers Union of Canada, however, immediately refuted the tri-country claim, pointing out “the overwhelming majority of farmers in Canada are still opposed to […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: Call to Action Against Bayer’s Glufosinate-Resistant LL62 Rice

    The chemical giant Bayer — the same Bayer which brought you aspirin, heroin and mustard gas, and currently manufactures a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, polyurethanes and other questionable chemicals — has wrapped their toxic fingers around our rice. This is nothing new. The company’s glufosinate-resistant LL62 genetically modified rice isn’t commercially grown, but that […] More

  • Federal Water Subsidies Under Local Scrutiny

    The federal government has paid over $687 million in water subsidies to hundreds of California and Arizona farmers over the past two years, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. Subsidy payments continue to flow even as municipal water restrictions in both states take effect to address drought conditions and low water levels. The two […] More

  • Leading Hospital System Takes Stand Against Animal Cloning and GE Ingredients

    Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a San Francisco, CA based system of 41 hospitals and medical centers in California, Nevada, and Arizona. This national leading Catholic hospital system is now leading the nation in more ways than one. CHW has made the decision to use food suppliers who have agreed to seek out alternatives to […] More