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  • The Big Waste: Food Network Looks at Food Waste in America

    On “The Big Waste”, four Food Network chefs prepare a multi-course feast for one hundred people with waste food. Anne Burrell, Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Michael Symon groan when they hear the challenge. Garbage? Unfortunately, they find it’s very easy to produce a large feast from the food that’s wasted each day. More

  • Turn off the Food Network and Rent a Food Movie

    In a recent post entitled Do TV Executives Think We’re Stupid?, I ranted, with the help of author, critic and food writer John Mariani, about the worst (and best) cooking shows on television. I’m taking another cue from Mr. Mariani, choosing my favorite movies where food is a character. Luckily, there are some wonderful food- […] More

  • Do TV Executives Think We’re Stupid?

    Since I received such a great and varied response from my post, Do Publishers Think We’re Stupid?, I am continuing the series with Do TV Executives Think We’re Stupid? Author, critic and food writer John Mariani, (Esquire magazine, Diversion magazine, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio and The Italian-American Cookbook among other books) published an article in the […] More

  • Do Publishers Think We’re Stupid?

    The people over at Slashfood turned me on to an article from the Wall Street Journal entitled Publishers Bet Big on Cookbooks. the gist of the article is that even though people maybe cutting back on luxuries like eating out, the tanking cookbook publishers are counting on all of us to buy their product – […] More

  • Stumped for Dinner Ideas? Try These Four Websites

    Sometimes when I think about what to cook for dinner, my brain hurts.  There are just too many factors to consider, including:  what’s in the pantry, what I feel like, what needs to be used up, what my picky husband will actually touch, what I would actually prefer.  This is a result of living in […] More

  • Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” To Receive Sustainable Make-Over

    Science-savvy chef Alton Brown has announced that future episodes of his hit Food Network show Good Eats will include discussions about sustainable and local food choices. Brown said he decided to make the change after noticing that many of his biggest fans were packing some extra pounds from following the typical American diet that his […] More

  • Food Network is at It Again

    It’s been all over the food blogosphere and several wire services, but in case you’ve missed what Eater SF calls the Death of Society: The Food Network is getting into the competitive eating genre with a new series, tentatively titled “Eat the Clock.” The show is described as a cross between an eating competition and […] More