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  • Top News from the Food Front: Childhood Obesity, Idaho Ag-Gag, & Monsanto’s (cough) ‘Sustainability’

    This week’s food news is maddening, if you don’t happen be a sociopath who loves animal cruelty; but on the bright side, if you adore ag-gag laws and think accountability, food safety, and the First Amendment are all for the (antibiotic-resistant-disease-ridden) birds, then you’re in for a treat! Monsanto offers up some rather obnoxious distractions to this ag-gag foolishness — unfortunately for human kidneys, Monarch butterflies, and pretty much that whole ‘environment’ thingie. But before diving in to all those noxious Big Ag news fumes, let’s talk about progress: yes, some exists! For all the good, bad and ugly in the food world, get your news fix here! More

  • Top News From the Food Front: GMO Kerfuffles, Organic Shenanigans, Food Industry Uproars

    GMOs in the news this week disrupt trade with China, while Americans clamor for labeling of genetically modified foods. Does food taste better when it’s organic? What if you only THINK it’s organic? Can you afford to eat food that won’t kill you? Can fast food workers afford to eat food at all? Could you be allergic to meat? Read on for these answers and more, from the week’s top food news! More

  • a woman milking a goat, which is on a goat stanchion

    Top News from The Food Front: Meat, Mayo, & McFoolishness

    Another study links red meat to cancer, low blood sugar impacts brain health, new vegan mayo company prepares for national launch, and McDonald’s highlights the connection between our dysfunctional food system and social justice. Read on, for the week’s top news for foodies! Food, Health, and Mayo Seems like every time I load my browser […] More

  • 7-Eleven Shuts Down False ‘Natural’ Advertising Lawsuit

    7-Eleven Charged with False ‘Natural’ Advertising Convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc. was about to join a growing list of companies that have been sued for mislabeling their food products with the term ‘natural’ and other deceptive marketing claims. But, not today. According to, a federal judge in California has dismissed a proposed class action […] More

  • Keebler Removes ‘Organic’ From Toasteds Harvest Wheat Cracker

      No More ‘Organic” Keebler Organic Toasteds Harvest Wheat Cracker has changed their name. They have taken off the term ‘organic’ from the name and added TBHQ. The folks at the Feingold Diet alerted me to the new formulation and indeed, the ‘organic’ version of Toasteds can no longer be found on the Keebler website and […] More