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  • 'Do the Math' Warns Climate's Doomed Unless We Act Now

    Do the Math” is a 42-minute documentary that dives into the causes of rapid climate change and blames the rogue fossil fuel industry as a main culprit to our atmospheric downfall. The film chronicles climate crusader Bill McKibben, an environmentalist, author, journalist, and founder of (the organization behind “Do the Math”) as he cultivates a global movement to change the terrifying climate crisis. More

  • Community Gardens Provide More than Food in DC

    What’s the main purpose of a community garden or other urban agriculture installation? Providing fresh food… often to neighborhoods without other outlets for it. Right? Yes… but community gardens are special places that do much more than provide space for growing food. Often, stronger connections between members of the community that garden serves grow along with the plants. Cintia Cabib’s film A Community of Gardeners explores that dynamic in Washington, D.C. More

  • Environmental Economics Come to Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin

    What’s the value of a tree? Traditional economics will figure that value based on the amount of lumber (or other products) that can be made from that tree… after it’s been harvested. But what if that tree is part of a landscape that defines your way of life? More

  • What is an Urban Farm?

    How do you define an “urban farm?” Film maker Dan Susman, co-creator of the forthcoming Growing Cities, tries to do so after witnessing dozens of efforts to produce food in urban settings. More

  • The Urban Farm Comes to Film: Growing Cities

    Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette saw that, despite the growth of urban agriculture around the United States, there wasn’t much going on in their home town of Omaha, Nebraska on this front… so they decided to strike out on a road trip to see what was happening in other cities. Growing Cities, a feature-length documentary, is the result of that road trip. More

  • 5 Problems with Being a Throwaway Society (Film)

    Where does trash really go? A common misconception is that if we simply throw something away, then it will magically go to a place where we can forget about it forever. However, acting out of convenience and without consideration for the bigger environmental picture (and for our future), we have contributed to a throwaway culture in America. The SnagFilms documentary Trashed illuminates five major ways in which the seemingly trivial act of throwing away garbage has much more profound environmental and societal implications. More

  • 5 Reasons We Should be Concerned about Fracking (Film)

    We all know that the affordability, efficiency, and sustainability of cleaner, greener energy will be a major challenge for this century. Some have called natural gas a better and cleaner energy source; yet, even if we set aside this hot air, the process of extracting the gas (called hydraulic fracturing or fracking) proves problematic for both environmentalists as well as those in proximity to the wells. SnagFilms’ After the Gas Rush series explores the dangers associated with natural gas fracking. More

  • The Ginger Ninjas: Spreading a "Pleasant Revolution" by Bike

    No doubt, you’ve heard about efforts by bands/solo acts like Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, Guster, and Maroon 5 to “green up” their tours and recordings. Biodiesel-powered tour buses, LED stage lights, and various forms of carbon offsets often play into these initiatives… but all of them could learn a thing or two about reducing their […] More

  • Urban Farming in Detroit

    Editor’s note: This post is the first in our series on urban agriculture success stories. Under 50 years old? Than it’s probably difficult not to associate the phrase “urban decay” with Detroit, Michigan… as long as I can remember, this once thriving manufacturing hub has been the symbol of how bad it can get when […] More

  • Bicycling in Detroit: Community Efforts Caught on Film

    Think of the city of Detroit and burned out and deserted… where it’s not crime-infested? Yes, the city’s had its ups and downs, but that hasn’t stopped residents from trying to raise the standard of living for all. For some in Detroit, that work involves advocating bicycling… as a way to save money, improve health, and […] More

  • Short Film Discusses GM Crops "Farmer to Farmer"

    There have been several points over the past few weeks when I’ve thought “You know what… let’s just take a break on agriculture.” Proponents of biotechnology, organic agriculture, and other farming methods get pretty passionate… but considering that agriculture has a substantial environmental impact, and that we’re, you know, eating the food produced by farmers, […] More

  • Dive! Film Explores Dumpster Diving and Food Waste

    Despite the title, Dive! is not a movie about graceful Olympic divers. Nothing could be further from that image. Instead, it’s a new film about the massive food waste in America, and those who choose to dive into dumpsters to save food from going to the landfill. In his film, Jeremy Siefert takes on Trader […] More

  • Sustainable Wine Review: “Wine From Here” a New Documentary about Natural Wine

    I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform for creative endeavors. So, when I was helping my friends at Toast Wine Lounge in Oakland, CA run their Kickstarter campaign and we got a contribution from Matthieu Tanguay-Carel who also was running a campaign for “Natural Wine in California,” I had to check it […] More

  • Documentary Film: All in This Tea

    All in This Tea follows world-renowned tea expert David Lee Hoffman as he searches some of the most remote regions of China for the best handmade teas in the world. More

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