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    Top News from the Food Front: Salmonella Spice Rack, Soda Ban, OMG BSE

    This week’s food news will make you cringe and rejoice. New obesity research offers both hope and Western chagrin. Animal ag’s dark footprint puts salmonella on the spice rack, as well as on sandwiches. According to the CDC, we’ve got a bit of a mad cow problem around here — though obviously it’s actually a human problem; more specifically, it’s a wildly dysfunctional food-system problem that we could fix if we chose to do so. Don’t miss the yum or ignore the yuck: read on, for the week’s top news in food! More

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    Oh, Look! It’s a Fast Food Chain’s 13-Hour Desperate Attempt to Stay Relevant

    Hopefully you don’t eat as much fast food as you used to. Maybe you’ve given it up entirely. If anything, you’ve probably given up the really heinous stuff, you know, like Arby’s. Which is probably why the Georgia-based fast food chain is live-streaming a 13-hour commercial today showing nothing more than a brisket being smoked in its entirety. Brisket, in case you’re not in the know, is a big, dead chunk of a cow. More

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    Top News from the Food Front: Organic Market Booms, USDA Drops Balls

    What’s new in food? Glad you asked! This week the USDA shows off its rubber stamp for ‘humane’ meat and poultry labels, while it shops for guns (no, really!) instead of regulating anything as silly as food labels. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat are recalled due to lack of USDA inspection. In less infuriating news, consumers seek out organics in ever-increasing numbers, and nifty new research weighs in on both high blood pressure and Egyptian vegetarians. More

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    Can Fast Food be Fair Food? Food Worker Strikes Go Global, Aim for ‘Yes’

    When we talk about the impact of fast food, often we mean its effect on public health or its role in the ongoing obesity crisis. But the fast food industry also boasts an awful record when it comes to worker treatment. Today hundreds of fast food workers across 80 cities on six continents staged a one-day strike, seeking a livable wage from their $200-billion-dollar fast food industry exploiters — er, I mean employers. More

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    Top News from the Food Front: Vegan Romance, GMO Controversy, Organic Boomtime

    What’s new in food news? Great things and foolish things! Veganism boosts sexytime, organics go mainstream, and states take action against agricultural abuse of antibiotics. Meanwhile the GMO labeling battle rages, the biotech industry throws well-funded hissyfits, and U.S. trade suffers because we can’t get our GMO problem under control. Read on, for the week’s best and worst news in food! More

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    Top News from the Food Front: 15 Must-Read Stories for Mindful Foodies

      Did you catch the best food news stories this week? Researchers publish new studies on health and obesity, GMO wheat looms on the agricultural horizon, Utah pushes back against ag-gag resisters, and would-be horse meat purveyors gnash their teeth over the new spending bill that effectively reinstates the U.S. horse slaughter ban. Meanwhile antibiotic resistant Heidelberg salmonella […] More

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    Top News from the Food Front: Year Ends with Organic Vegan Bangs, Fast Food Whimpers

    Happy almost-New-Year, food news enthusiasts! With all the festivities to attend and holiday soirées to plan, I’ll keep this week’s top news roundup short, sweet, and to the point. This week’s good news features organic food, vegan food, and ag-gag defeats; but wait — there’s also fast food, cancer, and horse slaughter news that deserves to be on the radar of conscious eaters and ethical foodies. Read on, for the final food news roundup of the year! More

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    Top News From the Food Front: GMO Kerfuffles, Organic Shenanigans, Food Industry Uproars

    GMOs in the news this week disrupt trade with China, while Americans clamor for labeling of genetically modified foods. Does food taste better when it’s organic? What if you only THINK it’s organic? Can you afford to eat food that won’t kill you? Can fast food workers afford to eat food at all? Could you be allergic to meat? Read on for these answers and more, from the week’s top food news! More

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    Fast Food Workers Strike for Living Wage

    Fast food workers across the U.S. strike for a livable minimum wage, and for the right to unionize. Industry threatens robots, disaster, and utter economic collapse if it’s forced to pay food workers enough to buy food. Whether or not you would ever in a million years patronize fast food restaurants, this conflict highlights the need to examine and revise laws allowing unlimited exploitation of workers by food industry giants. As such it’s long past due, and worth close watching. More

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    The Two Best Fast Food Chains In America

    In-N-Out Burger and Moo Cluck Moo are two of the best fast food chains in America because they use high quality ingredients and they are doing the right thing by their employees. Quality ingredients may be the most important thing you look for in a fast food joint. But what else makes a company qualify […] More

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    What’s Really In Fast Food Chicken Nuggets? Hint: Yuck!

    Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center set out to determine the nutritional content of fast food chicken nuggets. I’m not sure you want to know what they discovered. Earlier this month Doctors Richard D. deShazo, MD and Steven Bigler, MD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS published a truly disturbing study: The Autopsy of […] More

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    Harvesting Justice 14: A Penny a Pound, Plus Power – the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Changes History

    For most tomato pickers in the US, a bucket brings in 50 cents, a piece rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 30 years. Because the rate is set so low, a worker has to pick more than two and a quarter tons of tomatoes per day – the weight of a young elephant – to make the minimum wage. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is transforming all of this. More

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    Real Vegan Real Quick: 10 Fast Foods for Harried Herbivores

    Gearing up for a cross-country move, I’ve got my meal prep dials set to the ‘fast food’ position — but to me that doesn’t mean McDonald’s or Burger King. Far from it! Instead I’m crazy about real-food strategies for eating well but cooking quickly. Whether you’re camping, road tripping, or (sigh) trying to pack up your kitchen into a U-Haul, use these ideas for good food when (no matter how much you love cooking) you DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FOOL WITH KITCHEN BIDNESS! More

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    Burger King to Offer Home Delivery: Just What Our Obese Diabetic Nation Needs, More Access to Fast Food!

    Since virtually all health care professionals and nutritionists agree that Americans just don’t consume enough fast food, Burger King has bravely stepped forward to propose a solution: fast food home delivery service! If the trend catches on, why, soon we’ll be able to consume a full day’s worth of calories in each meal– made from genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, chemical stabilizers, artificial dyes, and various fat-soaked edible foodlike substances — without even getting off the couch to walk to the car. Perfect! More

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    Fascinating Fast Food Facts In Two Minutes, Fifteen Seconds

    Did you know: The first fast food chain formed in 1921. Today, there are about 160,000 fast food restaurants in America serving more than 50 million people daily and earn over 110 billion dollars a year. In a quick two minutes plus, this YouTube video from The Infographics Show brings data to life to paint a picture of fast food in America, the companies that peddle it, and how it may affect our health. More

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    Mickey D’s Glamorizes Quarter Pounders With Photoshop

    This time, the McDonald’s controversy is not for food poisoning or health standards (thankfully?), but for putting the va-va-voom in Mickey D’s infamous Quarter Pounder. NPR wrote about a video portrays a team of McDonald’s marketing specialists gearing up for a photo shoot – with airbrushing ready to go for the celebrity model. More

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    Finding the Oasis in a Food Desert

    Let’s get real with ourselves for a minute. Food stamps are not for some generalized, stereotypical single-mom family with 5+ kids. As it stands, about 42 million Americans are currently getting food aid, which includes recent grads, middle class families, basically anyone earning below a certain level, and where monthly expenditures nearly or actually outweigh income. […] More

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    PETA Enters the Fast Food Fight

    The fast food industry is taking on PETA’s attempts to demonize them, and has unleashed a series of documents regarding some unethical behaviors of the nonprofit. A few months ago if you Googled PETA, you probably would’ve been greeted with images of supermodels in cages wearing nothing but body paint, or some controversial billboards shaming overweight children. Now, a PETA search turns up some pretty damning stuff. More

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    Pink Slime Update: Major Fast Food Companies Say No

    Back when we talked about “pink slime,” or ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings, it caused quite a stir. Some people confuse this food additive with mechanically separated meat (MSM), but they’re not the same thing. MSM is not a common food additive anymore, but until recently pink slime was an additive in a large percentage of mass-produced meat products. More

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    Creating Addiction: Food Company Strategies

    Bruce Bradly, who “worked for over 15 years as a food marketer at companies like General Mills, Pillsbury, and Nabisco,” wrote a pretty interesting piece recently on the way food companies try to make their food addictive. The piece was piggy-backing on a 60 Minutes episode on this topic — “The Flavorists: Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings.” […] More

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    Keep Pink Slime Out of Burgers (Petition)

    We’ve talked about so-called “pink slime” around here before, and now there’s a petition targeting the FDA asking them to ban the stuff. In case you’re not familiar with pink slim or “Boneless Lean Beef,” as it’s known in the industry, here’s a description from the petition… More

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    NYC Next to Ban Toys in Unhealthy Fast Food Meals (i.e. Happy Meals)?

    If you’ve been a regular reader of Eat Drink Better, you know that we covered the San Francisco Happy Meal toy ban pretty extensively. And in December, I wrote a story titled “More Happy Meal Toy Bans on the Way?” in response to some push in Wisconsin to enact a similar ban.

    Well, now, a little city in the Northeast that sometimes goes by the nickname “the Big Apple” is looking at implementing a similar ban as well. Yeah, you may have heard of this place, officially called New York City (formerly New Amsterdam). More

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    Do McDonald’s Happy Meals Qualify for School Lunches?

    During the San Francisco Happy Meal dispute, McDonald’s VP of Nutrition and Menu Strategy Karen Wells claimed that “…our Happy Meals are frequently more balanced than either school lunches or meals served at home.” Ever since I read that, I’ve been wondering if it’s true. I’m finally going to compare numbers to find out. More

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    Perfluorinated Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers

    Perfluorinated chemicals tend to stick around in the environment for a long time. They also stay in the human body. Several years ago, the chemical industry began to phase out perfluorinated chemicals. Why, then, are there increasing concentrations of some of them? More

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    Happy Meal Ban in San Francisco is Official

    San Francisco’s city Board of Supervisors overrode Mayor Newsom’s veto, making the Happy Meal ban official. McDonald’s fought hard and even went so far as to make some outrageous claims to sway public opinion, but in the end the Board of Supervisors overrode the veto 8 to 3. The ban’s supporters say that Happy Meals […] More

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    Slow Food

    Slow Food USA is a growing movement formed to protect many aspects of our food supply. Community work, activism, and sensual enjoyment of food are part of this grass roots movement, which is a part of the larger, global Slow Food community and movement. The focus is on “good, clean, and fair food,” as they put it […] More

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