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  • In Japan, They’re Farming With 99% Less Water

    This hydroponic farm in Japan cuts water usage by 99%! The farm occupies an abandoned Sony chip manufacturing facility in Miyagi prefecture, near where the earthquake and tsunami struck the country in 2011. It is the brainchild of Shigeharu Shimamura, a plant physiologist who was inspired by a vegetable factory he saw at the Expo […] More

  • How To: Grow Microgreens in Tupperware

    Microgreens are delicious, easy-to-grow food sources that are high in nutrients and easily moveable- Julie Finn does a great job explaining this how to! More

  • Pee on Your Garden: Wastewater Gardening Hits the News

    I told you that wastewater gardening is a thing now! Mind you, wastewater gardening has technically been a thing since the first hunter-gatherers decided that there was a better life to be had by settling themselves down with some grain fields in that super-fertile plot of land in between the Tigris and the Euphrates, and […] More

  • Michigan Hates Chickens (and Bees, and Goats): No More “Right to Farm”

    Do you keep backyard chickens? Or have a beehive? Or own a couple of very spoiled goats/lawnmowers? Yeah, Michigan hates you. Michigan, whose “Right to Farm” act used to be the envy of all the other backyard chicken owners/urban beekeepers/goat hobbyists in all the other states, is now the state that nobody interested in micro-husbandry […] More

  • Urban Farming: the Quiet Revolution

    If the idea of urban farming wasn’t a hugely revolutionary act then people like Sean Law and Julie Bass wouldn’t be losing their homes and facing jail. More

  • $10 Prepper Project: DIY Drip Irrigation System (w/ video)

    Blue Living Ideas recently posted this great article covering the whys and hows of building this DIY drip irrigation for less than $10 (in 2009 dollars, at any rate). This is a great project for any gardener that has to leave the house daily, whether that’s to head to the office or hunt for food […] More

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