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  • Learn How a Refrigerator Works to Conserve Energy in the Kitchen

    Knowing how a refrigerator works is a great place to start when it comes to making your fridge and freezer more energy efficient. After all, fridges and freezers account for roughly 6% of the average monthly electric bill. So to help you get a head start on saving both money and energy, we’ve come up with the following guide to help you understand how a refrigerator works. More

  • Putting the Environment First

    The choices we make every day give us the opportunity to put the environment, and the health of future generations, first. More

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    How to Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge (in 2014)

    While still responsible for about 13 percent of your home’s energy use, fridges have ditched bulky insulation for slim line panels, drastically cutting down on their consumption and giving us much more space for the energy we use. More

  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are More Practical than Ever

    An affordable and easy way to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions is to install light emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs as a replacement for your incandescent lighting. In fact, to steadily increase the efficiency of world energy use, this is the first step in the Earth Policy Institute’s climate […] More

  • New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

    Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off. According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, […] More

  • Brighten Up Your Holidays – Sustainably – with LED Lights

    It all started with candles. The tradition of an illuminated holiday tree emerged around the 18th century, when wax candles were used to festoon the branches of fresh evergreens. Candles. The notion is somewhat terrifying today. But even those incandescent bulbs of childhood had their safety and practical drawbacks. The large glass bulbs would shatter; […] More

  • The Web Isn't Green; Here's How to Surf More Efficiently

    We’ve all marveled at the power of the internet – how much it helps people and how much information it has made available to anyone with a connection. But few seem to be talking about how the internet is powered, or how consumers and developers can use less energy for their regular online tasks. More

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