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  • Upcycling with Arduino: 7 Projects

    The Arduino electronics platform allows you take junk you’ve got laying around, and turn it into cool, and often useful, tools and machines. More

  • How Recycling Your DVR Can Create Jobs for Challenged Workers

    Consumer electronics create massive amounts of waste… and massive opportunities for recycling. Much of the e-waste slated for recycling, however, gets dumped in developing countries where poor safety practices create health threats for workers and community members. Couldn’t all of this usable waste serve the creation of safe, meaningful jobs? DISH thinks so, and has announced a partnership that will create jobs for workers with challenges finding and keeping employment. More

  • Buying Second-Hand Online: Better for your Wallet & the Planet

    Buying second-hand products as a means to saving money and resources is kind of a no-brainer: gently used items will always cost you less, and you’re making more efficient use of the materials and energy that went into creating them. Taking your thrift shopping online expands the possibilities of finding just the right thing… More

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Waste and Save Money at the Same Time

    You may be surprised to learn that you can produce less waste and actually save money at the same time. It may require a bit of research and a change in habits, but the rewards are worthwhile. If you want to leave the world a better place for your kids and simultaneously cash in, check out these tips. More

  • E-cycle with eBay… and Maybe Even Get Paid

    A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from eBay’s Green Team (something I undoubtedly signed up for during one of my online shopping marathons). For once, I was pleasantly surprised by something that seemed like spam. The email blast was advertising eBay’s electronic recycling services, so I decided to check it out. Hey […] More

  • Ready to Recycle Your Computer? Protect Your Data First…

    Many of you had great suggestions when we published a post on computer recycling in February. I’m dealing with this issue myself now… my wife wants the old equipment out of the basement! I dutifully went and found out where I could take the old systems, but was still concerned: what about the data still […] More

  • Smarten Up: Reduce Your "Phantom" Power Use

    Did you know your TV uses electricity, even when turned off? So does your iHome, coffee maker, microwave oven, hair-dryer, clock radio, and other electronics. Yes, even chargers for cell phones and laptops suck energy when plugged in—even if they are not charging anything! Surprised? Well I certainly was when I learned this and ever […] More

  • Americans Want to Know: "How Do I Recycle My Computer?"

    Aluminum cans? Plastic bottles? Newspapers? Though recycling statistics show that we’ve still got some work to do on diverting wastes away from landfills, you’ve probably got a good idea of how to recycle these common household items. But what about computers and televisions? Paint? Used motor oil? Earth 911’s search statistics for 2009, released today, […] More

  • DIY Solar Generator

    Cyndy at mousemusings points out a web site with instructions on how to make a small solar power generator “for $250 to $300.” I’m interested in what some of you with some electronics know-how think — would this solar diy project work as a reliable means of producing power in small amounts, or is it […] More