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  • Save Money on Your Heating with these Easy Home Projects

    No time left to think about cold-weather energy efficiency projects: it’s time to get them done if you want to cut your heating costs. As in most years, doing nothing will cost you more: the U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting residential electricity prices in the U.S. to rise 2.2% compared to the Winter of 2012-13. More

  • Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire! (w/ video)

    Introducing the FlameStower, a portable charger for small electronics that converts heat energy to electrical energy to keep your high-tech gadgets alive off the grid. Way off, if it comes to that. Why would you ever need to charge up your cell phone or iPad that far off the grid? I’m glad you asked! Consider […] More

  • The Web Isn't Green; Here's How to Surf More Efficiently

    We’ve all marveled at the power of the internet – how much it helps people and how much information it has made available to anyone with a connection. But few seem to be talking about how the internet is powered, or how consumers and developers can use less energy for their regular online tasks. More

  • Wind Power Surpasses Nuclear in China

    Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China. In 2012, wind farms generated 2 percent more electricity than nuclear power plants did, a gap that will likely widen dramatically over the next few years as wind surges ahead. More

  • World Nuclear Electricity Generation Down 5 Percent Since 2006

    World nuclear electricity-generating capacity has been essentially flat since 2007 and is likely to fall as plants retire faster than new ones are built. In fact, the actual electricity generated at nuclear power plants fell 5 percent between 2006 and 2011. More

  • Solar Power Growth In The US [Infographic]

    What’s going on in the US solar market? Over the last few years, even as the rest of the economy’s been in a slump, solar has grown. Check out the details of this growth in this infographic. More

  • Electric cars are Ready to Go – but How Clean is the Juice?

    The idea of the electric car is simple enough: replacing a gasoline combustion engine with an electric motor which drives transmission. Most make use of a battery, which is charged up overnight by a connection to a household socket. Just drive home, and plug in. So, with no engine burning up fuel, the electric car becomes a zero-emission car, doesn’t it? Unfortunately no. More

  • The Cost of Solar Continues to Decline

    As the cost of solar panels continues to decline and the technology continues to improve, both in collection and storage capacity, the use of solar could become an even more attractive option. More

  • The Clean Cook Stove that Generates Electricity: BioLite

    Last week at SUNfiltered, I got the chance to discuss a really innovative project addressing wood-fire cooking among the world’s most impoverished people, and its associated health and environmental impacts. And back in March, I came across Barefoot Power’s Firefly micro solar system, which provides small amounts of electricity for people without it in the […] More

  • Solar Power Uptake in Australia Boosted by Electricity Price Hikes

    Australia’s solar power industry is experiencing a boom in customer demand thanks in part to a significant increase in current electricity prices, and a forecast of more price hikes to come. When combined with the generous government rebates and feed in tariffs on offer, the expected price hikes are contributing to a surge in residential […] More

  • How to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Solar Panels

    Have you been considering solar panels* for your home to reduce your energy bills? Sure you have. You’re a Sustainablog reader, after all, and solar panels are the new granite countertops (in terms of adoption). But there is a bit more to it than some people realize so Jane and I are going to show […] More

  • Off Grid Solar Living Lesson #1: Everything Matters in Solar Powered Homes

    One of the things we’ve learned during our time living off the grid is to take nothing for granted.  Our system with normal sun exposure generates about 200 kilowatt hours per month.  While that may sound like a lot, keep in mind the average American home uses about 1000 kw-hrs in a month, so we […] More

  • From Conventional Walnut Farming to Growing (and Processing) Green

    This is a guest post by NRDC Growing Green Award-winner Russ Lester. Lester won $10,000 for his leading energy efficiency techniques—converting waste walnut shells into energy—and organic walnut growing methods. Farming is in my roots. I was born and raised in the Valley of the Hearts Delight, or as most people now refer to it: […] More

  • A Follow-Up to Living Without Electricity: What Is Truly Sustainable?

    In my blogathon post, I wrote about ten reasons why I choose to live without electricity in my house. Inspired by some of our readers’ comments, I offer this follow-up post to further explain my choice to build a home without electricity. Choosing to live in a home without electricity is one of the battles […] More

  • Wind Power Soared Past 150,000 Megawatts in 2009

    By J. Matthew Roney Even in the face of a worldwide economic downturn, the global wind industry posted another record year in 2009 as cumulative installed wind power capacity grew to 158,000 megawatts. With this 31 percent jump, the global wind fleet is now large enough to satisfy the residential electricity needs of 250 million […] More

  • woman holding candle, having gone electricity free

    Top 10 Reasons to Live in an Electricity-Free Home (PPB #27)

    When I designed my cob house here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage two years ago, I decided that I was going to live without electricity. I had no plans to buy a solar power system or a wind turbine. I was going to make the leap to live electricity-free in my home, in order to live […] More

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