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  • Fun With Eggs [Videos]

    Warning: This blog post is entirely silly, but that’s how I’m feeling this morning, so I hope you enjoy learning how to have fun with eggs. More

  • How to Host a Vegetarian or Vegan During the Holidays

    With approximately 9 million vegetarians and vegans in the U.S., chances are that many families will be hosting an herbivore sometime during the holiday season. It should be a no-brainer—just use soy milk in your mashed potatoes, leave the ham out of the green beans, and use margarine in place of butter. Easy, right? More

  • Fried Eggs with Garlicky Chard and Saffron-Red Pepper Hollandaise [Recipe]

    Here is another recipe created by my friend Matthew Card. It’s a riff on eggs Florentine (eggs Benedict but with spinach instead of Canadian bacon or ham) and, like every dish he makes, it is turbocharged with flavor. It would also be delicious with any of the other sauces in this chapter, so feel free to experiment. More

  • Cooking: Do I Need To Worry About Egg Yolks?

    If you have ever worried about recipes that call for undercooked or raw egg yolks? Martha Holmberg, author of the new cookbook, Modern Sauces, offers this advice: I’d love to be able to say unequivocally that it’s always safe to eat a hollandaise sauce, but I’m afraid I can’t do it. There will always be […] More

  • Think Green Eats for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Wearing pink may help raise awareness about breast cancer, but eating green—healthy vegan foods—can actually help prevent the disease. Perhaps that’s why not only is October just Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s also World Vegetarian Awareness Month. If you want to “go” both pink and green, try Pink Lady apples, pink grapefruit, pink rhubarb, or even mushrooms in special pink packaging. More

  • Five Baby Steps To Eating More Sustainably (Plus 45 More For Over-Achievers)

    Like most of us, I’m doing my best to eat better, waste less, and nourish — not deplete — our planet. Having been a relatively conspicuous consumer much of my life, I welcome simple information, presented clearly, and designed to help me put one foot in front of the other on my incremental journey toward more sustainable living. So the other day, I perked up when I scanned an e-mail boasting 50 tips for eco-friendly eating. More

  • Food Fact: US Egg Consumption Declines

    Egg consumption in the U.S. is on the decline. People are eating around a dozen fewer eggs per person each year than in 2006.

    If you eat eggs, how many do you think you eat each week? More

  • 7 Tips for Beginners: Keeping Chickens at Home

    If you have been reading the online news feeds recently, you know exactly what is happening all over the world concerning food prices. Everything from a head of lettuce to a dozen of eggs has risen in cost, almost overnight. Something is amiss! The time to make a green stand against the food hyperinflation has […] More

  • Proposed Legislation to Protect Egg-Laying Hens

    United Egg Producers and several animal welfare groups, including Farm Sanctuary and the Humane Society of the United States, have come to an agreement on new legislation to protect egg-laying hens. The law would cover living spaces, uniform labeling on egg cartons, and worker safety. More

  • The 5 Most Allergenic Animal Foods

    Some of the most common foods are also the most allergenic. Here, we’ll examine the most allergenic animal foods plus some plant-based alternatives. More

  • Egg Producers Accused of Price Fixing

    Food service industry giant Sodexo Inc. has accused several egg producers of artificially inflating the costs of eggs over the last decade. Egg prices have more than doubled in the last ten years, with a 40% increase in price in 2008 alone. More

  • Foodie Friday

    We do our very best to touch on as much of the health- and environment-related news that we can from across the web, but there are always stories we don’t get to. Here’s a quick roundup of food news from the last week or so that we didn’t hit on. More

  • Egg Free Breakfast Ideas

    Has your breakfast routine been quirky since the egg recall? Try these egg-less breakfast alternatives. More

  • Thoughts on the Egg Recall

    Since news first broke about the massive egg recall, eggs seem to be all folks are talking about. The big questions are: how did this salmonella contamination happen, and what can we do about it? More

  • 380 Million Eggs Recalled for Salmonella Infection

    Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa has issued a recall for 380 million eggs possibly infected with salmonella. The company is a repeat offender of environmental laws and has paid fines for federal immigration charges and animal cruelty charges. More

  • farm eggs

    Top 5 Recipes for Farm-fresh Eggs

    [social_buttons] Besides being happier birds, pasture-raised chickens produce eggs that are more nutrient-dense than their industrial counterparts. Their yolks are intensely orange (from the caratenoids found in green grass) and they have stronger structural integrity than the eggs you can buy at the supermarket. Plus, an egg from a grass-fed chicken tastes a whole lot […] More

  • Eating Vegan: Answering the Egg Question

    Last week, a commenter on my post about giving up cheese mentioned that eggs are a real stumbling block for her. She didn’t specify whether it was eggs in baking or the whole egg that she missed, but either way it’s a topic that bears addressing! While I can’t promise that there’s a reasonable vegan […] More

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