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  • Clean Power Plan Needs Your Testimony

    While the EPA’s Clean Power Plan won’t solve climate change, it will go a long ways towards reducing US carbon emissions. Support it by adding your testimony. More

  • How Does Wind Power Work? Hands-On KidWind Challenge Trains Students in Renewable Energy

    I’ve been passionate about educational programs for sustainability from sustainablog’s earliest days, so I wasn’t surprised at all to discover that I’d written about Minneapolis-based educational company KidWind way back in 2006. Founded by former science teacher Michael Arquin, KidWind has developed an impressive array of educational programming both for science educators wanting to introduce their […] More

  • Urban Farming as Leadership Development: Grow Dat Youth Farm [Video]

    As we’ve noted numerous times before, gardening creates benefits well beyond fresh, hyperlocal food. It can provide fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods with limited access to them. It can offer opportunities for physical activity to people who aren’t interested in jogging. And, of course, it can serve as an educational activity. So, when I come […] More

  • We Don't Need No Solar Panels; We've Got Hyper Kids!

    Harvesting kinetic energy produced by people walking and moving seems like a no-brainer, and the stories we’ve seen so far focus on spaces ranging from dance floors to health clubs. But if you’ve ever been to an elementary or middle school, you know that they may well be the perfect location for such experiments – there’s a lot of energy in those hallways! More

  • Five Top US Schools for Sustainability Education

    Want to study sustainability? Environmentally-themed majors are popping up at colleges and universities around the US; these five schools, though, are among the top tier for sustainability studies. More

  • Green Classroom Retrofit Creates Learning Lab for Students & School District

    What gets measured gets managed, right? This longstanding business maxim gets thrown around a lot in green circles: data’s a necessary element of making the case that sustainability makes sense. At Orange County, California’s Davis Magnet School (which focuses on math, science, and technology), measurement’s already present in the curriculum; now, it’s also a part of the school’s efforts to determine if efficiency retrofits make sense for the district’s bottom line and the students’ performance. More

  • Why School Lunch Matters

    School lunch matters. It seems obvious enough, but sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of the importance of school nutrition with some solid numbers. More

  • Redefining Security for the 21st Century

    The situation in which we find ourselves pushes us to redefine security in twenty-first century terms. The time when military forces were the prime threat to security has faded into the past. The threats now are climate volatility, spreading water shortages, continuing population growth, spreading hunger, and failing states. The challenge is to devise new fiscal priorities that match these new security threats. More

  • Careers in Sustainable Agriculture

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation; do you know what you’re doing next? If you’ve got a biology degree, you might consider a career in sustainable agriculture. More

  • Demographics Loom Large in State Failure

    After a half-century of forming new states from former colonies and from the breakup of the Soviet Union, the international community is today faced with the opposite situation: the disintegration of states. Failing states are now a prominent feature of the international political landscape. The most systematic ongoing effort to analyze countries’ vulnerability to failure […] More

  • 7 Reasons to Celebrate Farmers Markets

    This weekend draws to a close National Farmers Market Week and across the country, farmers markets will be celebrating through special events, contests, cooking demonstrations, tastings, and much more. Since 2000, when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) first proclaimed National Farmers Market Week, the number of farmers markets has grown 150%, from 2,863 […] More

  • Not just Creating Little Treehuggers: Environmental Education as a Learning System

    What’s going on in Washington these days? Duh, debt ceiling negotiations, right? Fortunately, that’s not all… there is still legislation in the works that addresses other issues beyond government spending. One bill that’s back: the No Child Left Inside Act, which would provide a funding mechanism for state environmental education initiatives. Of course, this isn’t […] More

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