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    Biodiversity: a Metaguide

    Of all the environmental challenges currently facing us, biodiversity loss probably gets the least amount of broad attention… likely because its also one of the toughest to wrap our heads around (yep, even more than climate change). As biodiversity is key to maintaining healthy ecosystems, and life on Earth period, it’s also one of the […] More

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    Could Car Rental become the New Normal?

    It wasn’t that long ago that an industry trade show in Vegas would be the last place you’d expect to hear about environmentalism and sustainability. That’s changed dramatically… CES is just the largest example of an industry event that’s incorporated green elements in a big way. Last week, Enterprise Holding’s director of corporate sustainability Lee […] More

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    Environmental Defense Fund: Oceans of Jellyfish? Or Oceans of Abundance? The Choice is Ours

    Most of America’s seafood counters display glistening mounds of all manner of fresh fish. But this bounty belies the fact that the oceans are in serious trouble. In the U.S., thousands of fishermen have lost their jobs, and signs of ecosystem collapse are on the rise, as nets get clogged with jellyfish rather than sought-after […] More