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  • How to Repurpose Household Items as Unique Planters

    As much as we try to only invest our money in goods that will last a long time, things do eventually wear out. After years of use, a pair of rain boots may begin to crack where steps have bent them repeatedly, and a colander will be difficult to use when its handles fall off. […] More

  • Got An Old iMac G3 Laying Around? Upcycle It Into An Aquarium [Video]

    The iMac G3 has been off the market since 2003, but no doubt many owners of these machines have held on to them. While they may not have the computing power for current programs and websites, they’re just so gorgeous – how could you throw that away? That’s the response Jake Harms had after being […] More

  • The DIY Vegan is Here and We’re In Love

    Released just last month, DIY Vegan is already my new favorite cookbook for so many reasons– and it’s probably going to be your new favorite too. This is newest release from Nicole Axworthy of A Dash of Compassion and Lisa Pitman of Vegan Culinary Crusade. DIY Vegan is a gorgeous book full of great ideas […] More

  • Spotted: The Dinner Fork Door Lock

    Whether you’re squatting in an abandoned hotel room after the Zombie Apocalypse or you just want some peace and quiet in a public bathroom, sometimes you really need a secure lock on your door. If you’ve got just a couple of heavy-duty woodworking tools, or access to them, then you can solve this problem by […] More

  • What's the Best Compost Bin for Your Yard?

    I tend to start thinking about composting – changes to my system, etc. – in the Spring: that’s when I’m planning my planting for the year, and trying to take fertilization into account. But when I stop to think about it, Fall is really the ideal time for planning ahead on composting: you’ve likely got […] More

  • How To: Grow Microgreens in Tupperware

    Microgreens are delicious, easy-to-grow food sources that are high in nutrients and easily moveable- Julie Finn does a great job explaining this how to! More

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