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  • Veganism: A Fad? Or the Future of Food? [Infographic]

    While we haven’t done as much on veganism lately as we once did when Justin was submitting posts regularly, we’re still mindful of the impacts of the traditional animal-based diet on the environment and human health. So, while many will call this lifestyle choice a “fad” encouraged by the celebrity set, we know that veganism […] More

  • The ADHD-Food Connection: Can Food Cure ADHD?

    Is there a relationship between ADHD, food and behavior? Are there foods to eat, and foods to avoid? Research suggests there are.   I recently came across an article about how ‘poop pills’ could help infection victims. That led me to an article about how probiotics might be helpful for relieving anxiety and depression. And then I came across an […] More

  • 7 Ways to Ditch Fad Diets, & Change Your Lifestyle!

    How many ‘eating plans’ have you been on, in your lifetime? According to the CDC, 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese — and that number is not decreasing, regardless of the fact that the fad diet industry is booming. If you’re working towards healthy-body-weight goals, it’s important to consider just why quick fix diets don’t work. And more importantly, it’s important to explore the basic rules of what does work! For a lastingly healthy lifestyle and an end to destructive fad diets, read on… More

  • Do You Eat Mindlessly?

    While researching the milk industry’s attempt to use artificial sweeteners in milk without labeling, I can across some interesting data. In specific, a webcast featuring Dr. Brian Wansink of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and author of Mindless Eating in which he discusses his “award-winning academic research on food psychology and behavior change.” Some takeaways from the […] More

  • How Important Is Breakfast?

    An email, this time from LuckyBolt a breakfast and lunch delivery service in San Francisco, alerted me to new research that suggests that, as your momma (and LuckyBolt) told you: “Eating breakfast makes you happy and healthy…It’s the most important meal of the day!” LuckyBolt sites new research discussed at, that says that 93% of Americans […] More

  • Mountain Dew Kickstart: The Latest in a Long Line of Breakfast Atrocities

    It’s a question many of us have pondered, when trying to develop the healthy lifestyle habits that are invaluable in the quest for health and wellness. Answering the breakfast question may have just become more difficult with the release of PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew KickStart, aimed at further divorcing our best intentions from the behaviors that truly support health. More

  • Big Food, Big Marketing and Big Children

    By now, we are all well aware that the state of our children’s health is in rapid decline. With nearly 30% of children identified as either overweight or obese and the alarming rate with which children are developing type II, adult-onset, diabetes, everyone is attempting to assert blame for the epidemic that has a firm grip on the health of our youth. More

  • Healthy Diets Linked to Higher Childhood IQ

    We knew it instinctively, but now there’s proof.

    New research suggests that children who consume a healthy diet during childhood may have higher IQ scores than kids eating unhealthy diets of ‘junk food.’ More

  • Can your diet cause you to overeat?

    Why is it that we tend to eat foods like french fries and cookies until our belts pop, but that doesn’t happen with carrot sticks and apples? More

  • Giveaway Reminder: Free copy of PLANEAT DVD

    Last week we announced we will be hosting a giveaway for free copies of the wonderful documentary, PLANEAT! PLANEAT talks about the global effects of food and how diseases of affluence can be greatly aided by a plant-based diet. (If you don’t remember, you can read the review here.) Just a little reminder that you can still enter the giveaway over the weekend. See below for how to enter. More

  • Portion Control: A Behavioral Psychologist’s Perspective

    We know we should eat reasonably-sized portions, so why don’t we? Matt Wallaert, a scientist and behavioral psychologist who studies why we make the food choices we do, shared some valuable tidbits recently when he was interviewed by NPR’s Renee Montagne. More

  • going paperless with an e-reader

    Get Juiced: Lean and Green

    For whatever reason you might be drawn to upping your all-natural juice intake, and for whatever duration, it is a great way to get a high volume of nutrients in a small package. More

  • Watch Supersize Me. For Free. Right Here.

    Have you been meaning to watch Supersize Me but haven’t gotten around to it? Wait no more! Check out the world famous food documentary Supersize Me right her at Eat Drink Better courtesy of SnagFilms! More

  • PETA Enters the Fast Food Fight

    The fast food industry is taking on PETA’s attempts to demonize them, and has unleashed a series of documents regarding some unethical behaviors of the nonprofit. A few months ago if you Googled PETA, you probably would’ve been greeted with images of supermodels in cages wearing nothing but body paint, or some controversial billboards shaming overweight children. Now, a PETA search turns up some pretty damning stuff. More

  • Orthorexia: A Disorder of Health

    The obsession with eating healthy has a name: orthorexia nervosa. Quite simply, orthorexia has been elevated to eating disorder status due to one’s fixation on food, where an overwhelming amount of mental attention is spent thinking about and restricting access to certain foods. More

  • What is Sensa?

    Sensa “is a patent-pending clinically tested blend of crystals that you sprinkle on everything you eat.” Sensa supposedly works with your sense of smell to stimulate the “satiety center” of your brain, telling you to stop eating; thus, you’ll take in fewer calories. Well, here’s my analysis of Sensa… What are these crystals? I like […] More

  • Arctic Zero Product Review

    Looking for a super low calorie dessert? Arctic Zero products may suit your fancy; only 150 calories per pint! But does the flavor hold up? More

  • Sustainable Food: Eating on a Budget

    You can reduce your family’s carbon footprint just by changing the way you cook and eat, even if you’re eating on a budget. Paying attention to your diet will not only reduce the amount of waste you are contributing to the environment, you and your family will feel better by getting adequate nutrition. You might even shed a few pounds. More

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