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  • Harvesting Justice #5: Uprooting Racism in the Food System – African Americans Organize

    A shovel overturned can flip so much more than soil, worms, and weeds. Structural racism – the ways in which social systems and institutions promote and perpetuate the oppression of people of color – manifests at all points in the food system. It emerges as barriers to land ownership and credit access for farmers of color, as wage discrimination and poor working conditions for food and farmworkers of color, and as lack of healthy food in neighborhoods of color. It shows up as discrimination in housing, employment, redlining, and other elements which impact food access and food justice. More

  • Urban Farming in Detroit

    Editor’s note: This post is the first in our series on urban agriculture success stories. Under 50 years old? Than it’s probably difficult not to associate the phrase “urban decay” with Detroit, Michigan… as long as I can remember, this once thriving manufacturing hub has been the symbol of how bad it can get when […] More

  • Urban Agriculture Success Stories (that you may have missed)

    Can small scale, urban farming feed the world… or even provide a significant portion of the food needed for local residents? I don’t know… I do know you’ll find different perspectives on that question right here on the pages of sustainablog. Regardless, urban agriculture does create a number of benefits, particularly in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods: […] More

  • Bicycling in Detroit: Community Efforts Caught on Film

    Think of the city of Detroit and burned out and deserted… where it’s not crime-infested? Yes, the city’s had its ups and downs, but that hasn’t stopped residents from trying to raise the standard of living for all. For some in Detroit, that work involves advocating bicycling… as a way to save money, improve health, and […] More

  • Can Farming Heal the City of Detroit?

    A recent article by Fortune highlighted the well known social and economic woes of Detroit and also proposed a unique solution to try to heal the Motor City – farming.  A financially well off Detroit resident, John Hantz, has proposed a radical idea to purchase large tracts of vacant, run down houses, remove the rotting […] More