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  • Sungevity Solar $20K Non-Profit Grant – Apply Now

      Do you know a worthy non-profit with a strong grass-roots following? Sungevity Solar may have $20,000 for them through a new non-profit grant contest. Sungevity Solar is kicking off their first “giving contest” this holiday season. Any non-profit organization can apply to compete for a $20,000 grant. Organizations need to write 140 characters on how they […] More

  • Local Food: How, Where, and Why to Eat Local

    This helpful local food infographic comes to us from the awesome folks at The Land Connection. They are the people behind the Farm Fresh Now series that you’ve been seeing here at Eat Drink Better lately. More

  • Harvesting Justice 20: More than Just Food – Connecting Farm to Community

    Just Food in New York City is doing what its name suggests: working to make the food system more just. It does this, first, by making community supported agriculture (CSAs), farmers’ markets, and gardens, more accessible and affordable in the city. Second, it helps small farmers survive, and even thrive, in the process. More

  • Local Food: Vow To Be “Good For 20”

    Many farmers have had a tough winter — it’s so important that we support them as spring is upon us. Which is why I decided to take an oath to be “Good For 20.” More

  • Ten Ways To Shop Small And Eat Better Every Day: Part Two

    Yesterday was the third annual Small Business Saturday — a day designed to encourage us to “shop small” in support of independently-owned establishments. While I love the concept and its goals, it’s silly to do this only one day a year. It’s simple to patronize small businesses every day. I’ve compiled ten ways to shop small and eat better […] More

  • Seasonal Eating for Your Soul

    Fun fact: On Wednesdays I help Vegetable Husband, a local CSA, by sharing the week’s harvest on their blog along with some recipes to help folks cook what’s in their baskets. It’s a fun, delicious way to stay in tune with what’s local and seasonal, and these transitional times of year are my favorite. More

  • 5 Good Reasons to Join a CSA

    Join the growing (pun intended) number of people who are discovering CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). A CSA, also known as “subscription farming,” is a way for people to buy super fresh, in-season produce like fruits and vegetables and even meat directly from local farmers. More

  • CSA Behind the Scenes: Sorting Veggies

    A couple of weeks ago I got a “promotion” at the CSA where I volunteer. Instead of delivering veggies to our customers, I’m now photographing and documenting the processes and sharing behind-the-scenes moments on the Vegetable Husband blog. It’s been really fun, and this week I showed up early to follow the team around while they sorted veggies. I’m going to be sharing my experiences here, too, and if there’s anything you guys would like to see, ask away! More

  • modern-farmhouse-truex-cullins-vermont

    Eating Fresh, Local Food Direct Through Community Supported Agriculture

    If you’re looking to eat amazingly fresh food, support local farmers, and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then consider investing in a farm share. Also known as Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA), farm sharing has become an increasingly common option for consumers to purchase food directly from a local farm. More

  • curried carrot turnip soup

    Turnip Recipe: Curried Carrot and Turnip Soup with Cilantro Gemolata

    This recipe should be called, “shake hands with turnips” because turnips are the only vegetable that I’ve yet to make friends with. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever eaten a turnip until my husband and I joined a CSA. Now they show up in our baskets all the time, mocking us. I’ve tried them in dozens of recipes, but this is by far my favorite. More

  • Organic Farming Internships and Opportunities

    Are you agricurious? Do you want to learn more about where your food comes from? What better way than to work on a farm? Here are some great ways that you can get involved in organic and sustainable farming, whether you have a weekend, two weeks, or a summer to devote. More

  • Seasonal Eating: It’s Not Fall Yet!

    September has arrived and chefs at local farm-to-table restaurants are ready to display their fall menus. But why start eating like it’s fall when we still have weeks of gorgeous summer produce to look forward to? More

  • Are your veggies truly vegan?

    My vegan friends depend upon farmers markets and CSAs for most of their food supply. When you’re trying to make ethical food choices, it makes sense to get your produce directly from local farmers. But recently I’ve noticed that many small, organic farms use fertilizers based on animal products. Fish emulsion and fish meal from […] More

  • What’s your favorite summer fruit or veggie?

    Summer’s here, which means that the farm is kicking into full gear. Although I relished spring’s shoots, salad greens, and sugar snap peas, the arrival of summer produce brings a different kind of thrill. What are you most looking forward to seeing at your farmers market, in your weekly CSA box, or ripening in your […] More

  • In Season Now: Beets and Carrots

    Although you might normally think of root vegetables as fall crops, many varieties are  also available in the late spring. Beets and carrots, for instance, grow well in the cooler temperatures of spring. These cool-weather crops are typically planted in the early spring for a late spring/early summer harvest and again in the late summer […] More

  • A Celebration of Local Foods by Edible Communities (Interview Included)

    “Throughout the country, Americans are discovering the joys of eating locally—whether shopping at their local farmer’s market, joining a community supported agriculture group (CSA), or supporting local artisans.” In the gorgeous new book EDIBLE: A Celebration of Local Foods, Edible co-founders Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian present some of North America’s local food heroes and […] More

  • The Veg Bag Game: Roasted Tomato Zucchini Bread Soup

    One of my favorite parts of the week is picking up my Growing Communities veg bag from Hackney City Farm. As I’ve written before, a veg bag is the British equivalent of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box, filled with organic and mostly locally grown produce. Following a veggie burger as well as carrot potato […] More

  • Meatless Mondays: Carrot Potato Pancakes and Crispy Veggie Fritters

    Carrots straight from the farm are dirty little freaks. Knobbly, hairy, misshapen and covered in soil, these root vegetables bear no resemblance to the neon orange and uniformly shaped clones found in your average supermarket plastic bag. But I love knowing where the vegetables came from and supporting local farms through my veg bag of […] More

  • An Organic Box Scheme (A British Take on Community Supported Agriculture)

    I feel like I’ve finally settled a little here in London now that I am the proud recipient of an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme from a local company called Growing Communities. These box schemes are the equivalent of what we call Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes in the States. As other writers have […] More

  • Green Diva’s Guide to Delicious Living: Earth Day – Food for Thought

    Is there anyone NOT sucked into the whirlwind of earth day hype? Is there anyone that isn’t thinking of how they can get their green on? Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by it all? Us Green Divas area all about easy does it! If we make earth day more of a lifestyle and simply start […] More

  • DVD Review: COMING HOME Inspires a Local Economy as if People Mattered

    After more than seven hundred hours of filming and editing, largely underwritten both by himself and those organizations supporting his visionary film-making endeavor, Chris Bedford has offered an inspiring documentary, Coming Home: E.F. Schumacher and the Reinvention of the Local Economy, where people are, once again, people, not reduced to “consumers” or “tax payers” (recently […] More

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