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  • Revenge of the Angry Mermaid

    Copenhagen is a water town, and the iconic symbol of Denmark’s capital city is the Little Mermaid silently standing watch over the harbor. Next month the Little Mermaid welcomes the global community coming to negotiate at least the foundation of an international treaty at the COP15 climate conference to carry beyond the Kyoto Protocol expiring […] More

  • Plan B Update: The Copenhagen Conference on Food Security

    Lester R. Brown For the 193 national delegations gathering in Copenhagen for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in December, the reasons for concern about climate change vary widely. For delegations from low-lying island countries, the principal concern is rising sea level. For countries in southern Europe, climate change means less rainfall and more drought. For […] More

  • Climate Change Conference Calls on US for Reduction Targets

    This post was written by Stacy Feldman (reporting from Barcelona, Spain), and originally published at SolveClimate. The United States must deliver concrete mid-term greenhouse gas reduction targets by next month or it will destroy efforts to achieve a framework for a global climate change deal in Copenhagen, United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer said […] More

  • Climate Change and Deforestation Engaging in Vicious Cycle of Destruction

    [social_buttons]Most of you know by now that deforestation, and the emissions that cleared forestlands add to the atmosphere, exacerbates climate change. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the opposite is true. New scientific findings suggest that climate change is threatening remaining forests more dramatically than previously suspected. Until recently, climate scientists […] More

  • China's Emissions Trading Plan Puts Weight on Countries' Cumulative GHG

    China appears to be backing out of global efforts to address climate change, intensifying pre-Copenhagen debate. A top China central government think tank yesterday released a framework for quantifying countries’ historical emissions. Under this proposed framework, the State Council Development Research Center (DRC) would create a “historic account” of past emissions, used to benchmark developing […] More

  • China Taking Uncooperative Stance on G20, Climate Treaty Terms

    The G20 Global Summit, which will take place in the UK in April, stands to be an important factor in determining China‚Äôs stance on climate change commitments as Copenhagen draws near. First, this meeting will provide the US and China a chance to meet behind the scenes, for the first time since Hillary Clinton visited […] More