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  • Five Ways to Keep Cool this Summer (and Keep the Energy Bill in Check)

    Despite news of melting ice caps and dying polar bears, the first instinct for most people in the hot summer months is to crank up the air conditioning. While reducing carbon footprints may seem like an impossibly grand task, there are ridiculously easy ways to save on home energy consumption, as well as your monthly bill. Here are five ways to save energy this summer More

  • Vegan Recipe: Arugula-Couscous Salad with Lemony Herb Vinaigrette

    Summer’s in full swing now: ’tis well and truly the Season of the Salad! This pretty, filling dish makes a cool and easy lunch, or an elegant pot-luck contribution — without overheating your healthy vegan kitchen. Use freshly-snipped herbs for best flavor, and rejoice in how satisfying summer salads can be! More

  • SunOven: the Ultimate Off-the-grid Cooking Tool for Post-apocalyptic Foodies (w/ video)

    Solar ovens are long-lasting, zero-emission cooking tools that use no fuel – making them perfect for both off-the-grid cooking and developing countries that don’t have access to a reliable grid to begin with. In an effort to get healthy, well-cooked food to these nations, the American SunOven company has put together a series of initiatives […] More

  • Pork-Queen Disasters and Unrelated Infamies: the Paula Deen Debacle

    I’ll make this short and sweet, because the subject matter is distasteful no matter how you slice it. But following a week or so of full-throttle media frenzy and public mea culpas, in which Paula Deen’s butter-soaked bacon-wrapped food empire seems to be doing a slow-motion crash-and-burn, the strangest aspect of the Paula Deen scandal seems to be what it isn’t. More

  • solar power shines on arkansas

    Top 10 Reasons I Love My Dehydrator!

    We met about three years ago, on my birthday. I’d checked out his profile, and knew he was interesting… but I never dreamed how well we’d hit it off! I’ll never have a dehydrator-free kitchen again, if I can help it — here’s why! More

  • From Trash to Table: Austrian Activists Launch Freegan Cooking Show

    Dumpster diving has become a kind of hip response to this waste of perfectly good food, and now a group of Austrian activists have taken “freeganism” to the next logical step: they’ve created a cooking show for food “rescued” from grocery and restaurant dumpsters. More

  • Fried Eggs with Garlicky Chard and Saffron-Red Pepper Hollandaise [Recipe]

    Here is another recipe created by my friend Matthew Card. It’s a riff on eggs Florentine (eggs Benedict but with spinach instead of Canadian bacon or ham) and, like every dish he makes, it is turbocharged with flavor. It would also be delicious with any of the other sauces in this chapter, so feel free to experiment. More

  • Cooking: Do I Need To Worry About Egg Yolks?

    If you have ever worried about recipes that call for undercooked or raw egg yolks? Martha Holmberg, author of the new cookbook, Modern Sauces, offers this advice: I’d love to be able to say unequivocally that it’s always safe to eat a hollandaise sauce, but I’m afraid I can’t do it. There will always be […] More

  • Vegan-izing Your Holiday Favorites

    As the holidays approach, so do the family get-togethers, office parties, and dinners. For those of us living a vegan lifestyle, finding something to eat can be challenging, to say the least. The good news, however, is that it is easier now than ever before to choose vegan eating options – even during the holidays. Many holiday favorites can be “veganized” with a little advanced planning. More

  • Join Us to Discuss October Unprocessed at the Important Ideas HOA

    Doing the October Unprocessed thing? Or think you couldn’t possibly go a whole month without processed food? Either way, join us for our weekly Important Ideas Hangout on Air tomorrow, where we’ll be discussing October Unprocessed with several of our top foodies. More

  • DIY Biomass: Briquettes, Presses, Logs, and More

    “Biomass” is one of those terms like “alternative energy”: it could be a sustainable approach to energy generation, but isn’t always. I once sat through a talk by an energy services company executive in which he argued that forest biomass (think trees, undergrowth, etc., cut for burning) was carbon-neutral because “the plants could grow back.” […] More

  • Sweet Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Design

    There’s no doubt: people are excited about building their own DIY, inexpensive ovens for baking pizza, bread, and other delicious foods. For all of those folks, I want to highlight this particularly unique design for a wood-fired pizza oven, built in a greenhouse. More

  • Creative Recycling: 4 Ways To Reuse All Those Pumpkins

    For those lucky jack-o-lanterns that make it through the night without being munched by squirrels or smashed by teenagers, November 1st will be a blessed morning. Until they’re tossed in the trash. Here are four ideas for a more eco-friendly fate. More

  • Sustainability 101: How To Build A Solar Oven

    You know those hot summer days when you can see heat waves rising from the sidewalk, and people say things like “that sun’s hot enough to fry an egg”? Well, there’s more wisdom to that statement than you might think. More

  • How To Make Delicious Raw Massaged Kale Salad

    Let me get this out there: I would way rather eat greens raw than cooked, 99 times out of 100. Easily. Between the sheer amount of green mass you need to actually steam or sautee them, and that decidedly underwhelming lack of crispiness that comes with wilted greens, I would just way rather stick to […] More

  • Beyond Veggie Burgers: Organic Vegan Barbecue Ideas

    Being careful of our eating habits is perhaps one of the biggest commitments we can make towards caring for our environment, and choosing ethically produced food gives us, as consumers, more control over how our food is grown, harvested, and prepared. Organic food is a rapidly growing market as more and more people are choosing […] More

  • Green Gift Monday: a Rehash of our #ecogifts Chat

    Well, last week’s #ecogifts chat on Twitter was a definite success… lots of great ideas from many different tweeters, with a really strong focus on gifts that you can’t buy. Among those who joined us was the folks at The Nature Conservancy (@nature_org), who put in a plug for their own Green Gift Monday initiative. […] More

  • How to Make Your Own Solar Cooker

    Cooking food requires valuable energy, whether you use a gas or electric range and oven, or a wood stove. And that energy can come at a high price, too. But there are cheaper ways to cook your food that require little beyond the light of the sun. You can save either burning wood or precious […] More

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    How To Build Your Own Cheap Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Last summer, I got hooked on the idea of baking pizza and bread outdoors in a wood-fired oven. Baking outside, in a super hot oven with a brick hearth, (the way bread is really meant to be baked) was a hugely appealing thought. It became very clear to me that I wanted to build a […] More